Law and Order

– Coffee mornings for mums & babies (NW3)

It’s always the same. Endless debates about where to meet. Invariably you land up at a coffee chain (you know the kind – with those those minging chairs and mangy rugs). Remove the chaos and add a little law and order to your life. Well, on Wednesday mornings at least.

The Legal Café on Haverstock Hill is introducingmetm6.jpg Bumps and Babies every Wednesday from 10 – 12 am. They’ll provide rice cakes and bread sticks. It’s a great opportunity to sit in one of their soft armchairs while sipping a delicious Illy coffee and savouring something from their menu, like freshly-made panini, soups and salads or pastries and cakes. If you’re feeling gregarious you may even get to meet some local mums.

Now for the disclaimer (surely you’ve been expecting it?) – as with most things of this nature, some days are busier than others. So be prepared to meet new friends or enjoy a little quiet time. You’ll certainly be made to feel very welcome.

Hereinafter, the next time you’re called to the (coffee) bar, make sure it’s of the orderly legal variety.

Bumps and Babies, every Wednesday from 10 – 12 am at The Legal Café, 81 Haverstock Hill NW3 4SL. Tel 020 7586 7412

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