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New To The Herd!

– Stunning artwork to welcome your little monkey

Never mind the jungle drums, a colourful jungle fun print by Carla Daly is the best way to broadcast your new arrival.


It’s a wild family affair with a congregation of giraffes, zebras, hippos and an elephant all standing on ceremony for the birth announcement. Or choose from the other ranges including a fantastical circus and musical sheep.



With each print personalized to include baby’s birth details, these humorous prints have welcoming your little one to the tribe down to a fine art.



All wrapped up in the most gorgeous gift wrap with a handmade gift tag, the jungle has never looked so glamorous.



Now that’s something you’ll be happy to have



What Mini says:

What do they mean ‘children should be seen and not herd’?*



* No, it’s not a typo.



Carla Daly’s personalized birth prints measure 30 x 40 cm (12″x 16″), cost US$ 28.00 and are usually dispatched within 48 hours and delivery is free. Or choose from the wonderful selection of wall art, growth charts and pictures frames online.

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Marylebone Mums!

Looking for a class in Marylebone? Little Stars Family Centre  recently launched a website to help make
scheduling excellent classes for mums and tots so much easier.

Need convincing? Read’s review here.

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The Chase

A literary catch


For the Library

For the Library

Finding a book that will catch a toddler’s attention for longer than a page or two … It’s something of a wild goose chase. You’ve just got her settled – and you’re ensconced in some literature of your own – when she disappears in a different direction. And as you race off to catch her, there go your hopes of a quiet ten minutes …





But it’s an easy catch when you’ve got Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose.


With Julia Donaldson’s great sense of rhyme and rhythm, your little (golden) egg will love listening to the wonderful words that make up this story of a meal for a hungry seal (and probably relate to them too: ‘Carrots – yuck!’).


The illustrations are simple and clear but with enough detail to enjoy lingering and chatting about what you see. Printed on extra tough paper, this book is also toddler-resistant.


And, as the saying goes, what’s good for the goose is … good for her mummy too!


What Mini says:

Carrots – yuck! Give me some of that Chocolate Mousse!


Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose (Paperback) (SSP £5.99) by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharrat is available at your local bookshop and online.

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Zoo(m), Zoo(m), Zoo(m)


– Super sunglasses for small ones


Zoo(m), Zoo(m), Zoo(m).  We’re going to …



St Tropez? St. Thomas? St. Ives? … St James’s Park? 


My Choo ShoesWherever you are this Summer, make sure your little sunshine’s eyes are properly protected from harsh and damaging UV rays. Designed by an ophthalmologist, the Zoobug range of eyewear – that’s Zoo, not Zoom – offers superb optical lens quality: all Zoobug lenses are UV400, blue light filtering and impact resistant.


Don’t forget to zoom in to great original designs and gorgeous colours! The glasses have been designed so small tots will want to wear them, and they fit snugly so they won’t slip off (and bug the wearer, or the mummy who has to pick them up).


Glasses on? Sounds like we’re ready for take off …


What Mini says:

Five, four, three, two, one … I want all of the designs!


You can learn more about Zoobug and find your nearest stockist online.

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Pond Hopping

– Armchair Travel Revisited (from the comfort of a stroller) brings you three great sites to enjoy as a traveller, whether real or virtual.


Spending Summer Stateside? Before heading off, go online and make those po(u)nds go twice as far.


Mom in the City is a great guide for Manhattan families. Check it out before landing in the Big Apple with your Little Pie. Attend one of their family events on your whirlwind trip to, err, let off some steam, and have some fun!


Shopping on the cards? Don’t pound the streets. Be guided by My Mom Shops – unusual finds selected by a NYC mum who loves to shop. (As a self-confessed online fanatic, you can have retail fun with her fab finds whether on The Island, or on this Emerald Isle.)


Prefer virtual travel? With obvious perks (no jetlag and a negligible carbon footprint), time as an online onlooker can pay big dividends, even in the credit crunch.  So, if your idea of the pond is the Serpentine, spend a little time on Mamabird Diaries and enjoy the antics of a memorable Manhattan mum who brings humour, honesty and some pretty hip highlights to her experience of motherhood.


Make the most of your time. After all, on either side of the Atlantic, time goes by in a New York minute.


What Mini says:

Yee-ha! Howdy Y’All!


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Stuck On You!

– Striking wall stickers for the Nursery


Stuck in a design rut? In need of a little inspiration to spruce up the nursery? Then get stuck into the fabulous themed wall graphics stickers from the Wee Gallery.


There’s a design to suit every nursery: from sea life, garden serenity, farmyard bliss and jungle adventure to herds of elephants and towers of giraffes.


The funky designs will grab the wee littl’un’s attention and captivate her mind with stunning high contrast geometric shapes.


Smart art for little minds – a sticky start to Mini’s art collection!


What Mini says:

Stick ‘em up – on my bedroom wall!

The wall graphics stickers, as well as flash cards and canvas prints, are available online. is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.

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Supersize Me!

– LEGO for the Littl’uns

Let's Party


My aspirations in life are big! Given my diminutive stature, my plans need to be big too. That’s why I like things supersized.


Including my toys.


Take for example my LEGO® Soft Starter Set. It contains LEGO® bricks that have been supersized (they are literally six times the size of normal LEGO®). Perfect. We can build towers, caves and obstacle courses. In fact, with pieces this size, it’s easier to take over the run of the home. (Caution: The next step is world domination.)


Made from a unique soft material, they’re safe, quiet and durable (and washable too). That’s super! Now Daddy won’t complain when he steps on a piece. And mummy can relax knowing that I won’t hurt myself.


All in all, what I’d call a really super idea!


What Moi says:

Umm … supercalifragilistic …


The LEGO® Soft Starter Set is appropriate from 2 years and up. At £180, the price is supersized too (but then so is the fun!).


The Lego® Soft-Starter Set was submitted by the gorgeous Mini, Sasha. If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us – or if you’d like to see some of your own writing published, write to Mini-et-Moi at info [at] mini-et-moi [dot] com.


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