from-rach-045.jpgDoes Junior own one of those things that makes every tot in the playground stop in their tracks and run towards your littl’un? (You know, its that toy you always take our to help him in the popularity stakes …). Maybe you own something that makes all the other mums scream, “where did you get that?”. Perhaps you make or sell fab things that mums must have? Do you run the best class for under 2’s in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea? (Or Hampstead for that matter?) Then tell us about it!

Send an e-mail to explaining in a few sentences why it’s so fab.

What are we looking for?
Some of the things that we’ll spotlight include:

  • Great toys that are not mainstream including handmade goods, wooden toys and toys without batteries. (Although occasionally we will feature mainstream goods that are just too good to resist.)
  • Unique and unusual clothing which has been beautifully made, has great design and happening style.
  • Hip places where tots can tag along. (Our philosophy is that mums and tots shouldn’t only be tolerated in child-friendly places on the high street).
  • Really excellent classes for tots with that something special that distinguishes them from all the others.
  • Classes for mums (with tots) -’cause every once in a while it’s nice to be the centre of attention (again).
  • Great Books. Why? Because we think its great to read to babies from a young age (not that we’re being overly prescriptive, you understand). Plus, while we love a good read, before we became Mums ourselves, the big bad wolf had a very different connotation.

Once we’ve received your suggestion, we’ll aim to notify you within 10 days whether we will review it and will provide you with an address where you can send samples. (At Mini-et-Moi we look beyond the marketing blurb and test and test again.) Thereafter, we will inform you if and when your item is scheduled to be featured. Please note that your submission is not guaranteed a review.