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Barack who?

– Fantastic Photobooks by Photobox


metm18With all eyes on Washington this week, I’ve had to work double time to get the usual adoration I demand.


What’s been interesting is the sequence of shots showing our hero’s rise to glory. From a little boy playing with an all American baseball bat, to pics on safari in Kenya; they’ve dredged up every shot ever taken of the main man.


I plan to make things a little easier for programme-makers celebrating my future moments of greatness, with a veritable library of my best close-up and action moments.


metm_photobox1It’s so simple. I upload my chosen pictures (easy, even for technophobes) and select the style of book I want and I’m ready to go. Customising the pages according to the number of pictures and layout I want, I then drag the photos into the slots. With a wide range of styles, boxes for text, options to add, delete, zoom in and rotate it’s so easy to create a magical memoir of my Mini moments.


metm_photobox2If all that sounds like too much work (or you’ve got the problem of world peace to solve), you can always have one of your Cabinet do it for you with the ‘autofill’ feature.


What Moi says:

This first lady should better have her hair done … and maybe do a little online shopping (at J. Crew, of course).


metm_photobox3The Photobox range of photobooks (from as little as £5.99 for the aptly named Mini-Book) is a clever and creative way to store your precious memories. The final product makes an impressive momento of all those inaugural moments.



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Got Milk?

– Simple and stylish protectors of a Mum’s modesty


metm_24novemberJust because you’re not at the front of the lunchtime queue at your City coffee-chain doesn’t mean you’re any less stressed than you were pre-maternity leave.


It may only be 10:30am at your local café, but as you wait to place your order, the challenge ahead looms large: to feed a ravenous, wriggling nipper and sip a latte, all while holding a blanket in place to preserve (what remains of) your dignity.


With Bebe Au Lait you can breastfeed whenever and wherever, be that the local Starbucks or out to lunch with your colleagues.


This easy-to-use, machine washable cover provides a private space for you and your’s to gaze lovingly into one another’s eyes; reduces the need to constantly check that your chosen protector of privacy is in place and, perhaps most importantly, allows you to participate in the passing show – be that a conversation or a good cuppa.


So when you’re feeding on the go, make sure your bébé is au lait. How you order your coffee is up to you …


metm_cupcakesWhat Mini says:

Make mine a double espresso … I need to be up all night.


Once the preserve of the international jet set mums – with the likes of Gwen Stefani and Gwyneth Paltrow among its devotees – the world-famous Bebe Au Lait (SSP £25) is now available at your local John Lewis.

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The Jet Set

MetM9The Jet Set

– Gorgeous Gift Set for Gallivanting Gurglers


You have the most fantastic passport photo of Mini (and it took only 7 times to get it right), you’re all organized for your holiday but you’re still  missing  that  finishing  touch  for  your  little jet setter’s trip.  Look no further!


The gorgeous Baby Passport and Luggage Tag Gift Set by Bombay Duck is all a travelling tot needs.


metm_12nov1Show  off  Mini’s  star  baby credentials at Passport Control with the luxurious  leather  passport cover, before moving on to spy the lavish coordinating luggage tag as Mini’s suitcase arrives on the carousel. Watch even the weariest traveller sit up and take notice.


With first class accessories like these, you’ll be rich pickings for an upgrade.


metm_12nov2What Mini says:

Just the thing to get my globe trotting off to a flying start!


The Bombay Duck Baby Passport and Luggage Tag Gift Set (SSP £18) is available  online  and Huttons on Northcote Road, SW11 and Putney Exchange, SW15. 

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On Mummies and Dummies

– Perfect pacifier for play dates


That’s My Mummy, Dummy.


The one who looks so stressed when I cry. She’ll grab the nearest dummy and try to pacify my screams. But her anxiety is palpable when she can’t work out which dummy is mine.


Even though she thought seriously about which colours to choose. (Afterall, she’s no Dummy, my Mummy.) And she certainly doesn’t want me to pick up little Petunia’s pox.


That’s why the bespoke dummy from MAM is the perfect pacifier for play dates. Customized with my name (or my special nickname), and in a colour of my – well, my mummy’s – choice, she’ll be able to spot my dummy from a mile off.

That’s My Dummy, Mummy.


What Moi says:



A box of dummies engraved with your baby’s name is available in 3 different colours and costs Euro 19. You may also like to choose a matching Personalised Pacifier Keeper to match.

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Back Breaker

– Spine-saving seat


Left lurching from lugging your little prince from pillar to post? Feeling like a pack-horse? And that’s before you’ve picked up the change bag and the toys, and run back to pick up the box of organic raisins you’d forgotten. 


Don’t let your back break under the weight of motherhood.


The HipSeat by HippyChick is a back-supporting belt with an integral padded foam shelf, allowing you to carry le petit prince on your hip without twisting your spine and straining your back.  Endorsed and recommended by osteopaths and physiotherapists, the HipSeat is simple, practical and easy to use.  It’s also tough, hard wearing and machine washable.


And, while it may not be the most glamorous belt in your wardrobe, being able to walk tall is pretty chic…


What Mini says:

Rather a back breaker than a ball-breaker …


Suitable for children aged 6 months – 3 years, the Hippychick is available black, burgundy, navy blue, and olive green and is priced at £37.50 (which is less than a visit to the osteopath!). 

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Sock It to ‘Em!

– Must have accessories for stylish tots ‘bout town


Never mind the never-ending ‘socks-versus-crocs’ debate, the new black for fancy footwear is definitely Trumpette socks.


Charm the socks off everyone you meet in these adorable accessories.  With styles including Mary Janes, Pixies and Minnie Mouse for girls; and Cowboy, Peewee and Little Mickey for boys, there is a sock suitable for every occasion … even an everyday sock in the gorgeous Days of the Week set.


Stylish and comfortable (these are little cotton socks, after all), they’re also durable and will survive endless cycles in the washing machine …


The perfect accessory to every outfit, this fanfare of fabulous footwear will knock the socks off even the most hard-nosed fashionista around!


What Moi says:

With this fashion item, your little one will always put her best foot forward.


A set of 6 Trumpette socks presented in a funky gift box are priced at £15 and are available from the coolest boutiques in town including Huttons, 29 Northcote Road, Battersea, SW11 1NJ Tel. 02072235523. Or visit their shop at Unit 3 Putney Exchange, High Street, London SW15 1TW, Tel. 02087850181.  Online shoppers should visit Tots Planet or Mojo London.

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Zoo(m), Zoo(m), Zoo(m)


– Super sunglasses for small ones


Zoo(m), Zoo(m), Zoo(m).  We’re going to …



St Tropez? St. Thomas? St. Ives? … St James’s Park? 


My Choo ShoesWherever you are this Summer, make sure your little sunshine’s eyes are properly protected from harsh and damaging UV rays. Designed by an ophthalmologist, the Zoobug range of eyewear – that’s Zoo, not Zoom – offers superb optical lens quality: all Zoobug lenses are UV400, blue light filtering and impact resistant.


Don’t forget to zoom in to great original designs and gorgeous colours! The glasses have been designed so small tots will want to wear them, and they fit snugly so they won’t slip off (and bug the wearer, or the mummy who has to pick them up).


Glasses on? Sounds like we’re ready for take off …


What Mini says:

Five, four, three, two, one … I want all of the designs!


You can learn more about Zoobug and find your nearest stockist online.

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