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Wonderful Wishes

To all our readers –

Seasons Greetings! 


And Best Wishes for 2009.

For last-minute Festive inspiration of the ‘I made it myself’ variety – and to involve small tots in the Christmas run-up, click here Just try not to get all competitive about it:



And if you can’t keep the perfectionism at bay, see our recipe for play dough.


Mini-et-Moi will be back on 7 January 2009 when we’ll bring you the very latest tips, advice and ideas for a 2009.


What Mini says:
I need a break!

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Whirl Cool

– Photo Diary for my Dearest


metm18My life can be really hectic. Often my Mummy seems to struggle to pause for breath. I suppose it can be tough to keep track of all my scheduled appearances.


Add to that the usual activities: Yoga on Monday, Babyccino’s with the girls on Tuesday, causing general chaos at my local baby Gym on Wednesday…it’s no surprise my Personal Assistant (a.k.a Mummy) sometimes gets herself into a whirl.


metmx__10decBut I’ve discovered a sensational solution for my fatigued, multi-tasking scheduler: a custom-made diary, with pics of yours truly to brighten her (every)day.  With Photobox’s easy to use website, I can create a standard or large photo diary, or for those really wanting to show off their scrumptious selves, try the highly customisable Deluxe Diary.


I just upload the very best of my portfolio to a virtual album, and the website does the rest.  Even better, I’ve been able to lovingly arrange my photo next to important family days (well, I wouldn’t want the focus off me for a minute!)


She’ll be the envy of all the girls when she uses it to schedule my next arrangement – and, thanks to the diaries’ durable and wipe clean covers, I won’t have to worry about her sticky fingers causing permanent damage to my artwork (It’s so hard to find good help these days!).


Moi says:

Keep tabs on your social whirl, and do it in style!


This Mini-et-Moi review was submitted by our multi-tasking maven, A&E consultant and mum to two, Rena and her 2 lovely minis. You can read more about Rena’s life in her blog, Frazzled Mum.

The Deluxe Diary (SSP £17.99) is customisable for you and your nearest and dearest. Add up to 3 photos to every double page spread with the handy week-to-view layout, or dedicate pages to making handy lists and jotting down thoughts. Simply log onto Photobox and follow the prompts. (You must order by 12 December 2008 for books and calendars to arrive in time for Christmas.)


metm111Win! Win one of two Deluxe Diaries by Photobox in our Christmas Bootie Hamper Competition*.

It’s easy to apply! Click here for details.


* Please note: The prize draw will take place on 19 December and you will not receive the finished Photobox product before Christmas.

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Handy Cam

– Fab photo calendar from Photobox


In the digital age, it’s never been easier to ensure every element of our precious poppet’s lives is photographically documented. But we often find ourselves inundated with thousands of snaps of our little darlings – and not entirely sure how to enjoy every one.


metmx_5dec_3What better way to display these “snapshots in time” than in an A3 Poster Calendar or a Deluxe Desk Calendar from


As simple as loading chosen stills into your virtual album, PhotoBox guides you through the mock-up process – choosing layouts, advising on image resolution, indulging in all aspects of creative direction (zoom, crop, rotation) all to achieve the desired end result – a Mini masterpiece in the making.


And if Mini decides that your attention is required elsewhere (if only you could auto-focus life!), just save your album and return when she is suitably distracted.


Four days after ordering your doorstep is graced with a package containing a sensational calendar  – truly professional reproductions of Mini in glorious full colour, just bursting to take pride of place on her Daddy’s desk.


And these gorgeous gifts would be perfect for those relatives craving more face-time with your Mini super-model: think grannies, aunts, uncles … who wouldn’t be delighted by your little darling on a daily basis?


Keep the camera handy, and indulge yourself – you never know when there’s going to be another milestone moment.


What Mini says:

Did Mummy used to moonlight as a Paparazzo?

metmx_5dec_4The simple and stylish A3 calendar (SSP £18.99) and week-to-view deluxe desk calendar (SSP £17.99) are available from Photobox. The last date for Christmas orders is 12 December 2008 so start creating one now!

Win! Win one of two A3 Calendars from Photobox in our Christmas Bootie Hamper Competition*.

It’s easy to apply! Click here for details.

* Please note: The prize draw will take place on 19 December and you will not receive the finished Photobox product before Christmas. is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.  





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Hot Ticket

Hot Ticket

– The Best Family-Fun this Season


For a hot ticket in these cold climes, make sure you log onto Mini-et-Moi’s newest directories for some festive family fun ahead of the holiday crowds:


Skating on (Thin) Ice – Chilly Fun

Fancy yourself as an undiscovered star waiting to be spotted? For a little razzle dazzle fun – without the stress of the lights, camera, action – it’s time to get those skates on! And head to your nearest ice rink for some family fun and – with a list of gorgeous locations to choose from – a little London-loving. Use our map to help you decide where and when.


With no minimum age limit to enter most ice rinks, this is chilly fun en famille. And with your little ice queen suddenly knowing her mind oh so well, that means that none of you will be skating on thin ice. *Phew!* 


Oh Yes It Is! – Silly Fun

You don’t have to be Cinders’ fairy godmother to wave a magic wand. We’ve done it for you! Simply click and you’ll be whisked away to our most comprehensive listing of this season’s panto.


Choose well and your diminutive Prince Charming will be shouting with the best of ‘em. (Well at least this is one place where the increasingly familiar (in your home) ‘yes it is! ‘no it isn’t’ routine is still fun.) 


Be sure to book early.


Fun with the family – now that’s the ticket.


What Mini says:

Hot stuff!

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Talk About Fireworks

metm_firework– Light up the skies on 5 November (or thereabouts)


Quite a spectacle, when my Super Mummy met my Daddy. Boy, were there fireworks! I’m talking sparks flying. Stars colliding. Lighting up a dark sky. An explosion of colour. Bang!


Of course, my beginning had to start with a Big Bang.


And now that I am centre of their little universe, what better way to celebrate Bonfire Night than with an outing, en famille? The best fireworks in London are listed on Mini-et-Moi’s directory of Great Fireworks Displays.


Lights, colours, general intergalactic chaos: my idea of the perfect evening. Just please remember to dress me warmly, take lots of blankets and a flask of real hot chocolate. (None of that carob, soya substitute stuff.)


Now there’s a stellar idea.


What Moi says:

She’s Electric!


Fireworks Displays take place at different locations on various dates in early November. See our listing for the best place near you.

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Brewing something up

– Fab idea for a great cause


Isn’t it time you did a little something for the community? We know, we know – you’re at your limit! There’s hardly enough time to get yourself dressed, let alone hold a charitable event (no matter how small).



But with the world’s biggest coffee morning taking place on Friday 26 September 2008, it’s easier than ever. In fact, you don’t need to change your routine (or, quel horror! even think about changing Junior’s).

Free trade? Organic? Instant? You choose. Simply ask other mums to pay for their coffee (that calorie-free mouthful or two of cake) at your next mum and tot group, whether you meet in someone’s home or at your local coffee shop*.


Last year, Macmillan gathered over 50,000 coffee-drinkers and raised an amazing £7.5 million to help people living with cancer. This year the goal is £8.5 million.


Register online (to get your goodie box) and get brewing!


Wake up! And smell the coffee!


Learn more about the amazing work undertaken by Macmillan Cancer Support on their website, where you can also register for the World’s Largest Coffee morning. Also, although 26 September 2008 is the official Coffee Morning, if it doesn’t suit you, pencil another date in that diary.


What Mini says:

I’ll have mine with an extra shot.


* Either arrange with your coffee shop that you will give it all to MacMillan’s Cancer Support, or ask Mums to ‘pay’ a little extra on top of that extra hot, skinny cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles and arrange to send that money to MacMillan Cancer Support.

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The name of the game

– Beautiful bespoke toys (that don’t cost a fortune)


In the playground – and on play dates – the little muffin is making quite a name for herself. As the girl who doesn’t want to share. That’s right, she’s claiming ownership to everything she can lay a finger on.


Give her good cause with a stunning and unique name tray from Robert Longstaff.


Customised with whatever name you choose (her birth name or a nickname, perhaps), these bright, multi-coloured wooden puzzles are made to order by a family-based business in Oxfordshire. Laser cut into good quality wood, they are well-finished, making for an impressive and imaginative present that will have the recipients in awe of your creativity and resourcefulness.


Aside from the obvious benefit of having the tot’s name in, well, “lights”, the sturdy wooden puzzle will also provide her with a fun game, and an opportunity to learn how to spell.


Now that’s a toy that really does have the little kleptomaniac’s name on it.

What Mini says:

Mine! Mine! Mine!


Prices for the bespoke name tray start from £15 depending on the length of the name. See the website for details.

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