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The Net

– Surfing Fun for Mums and Tots

BabyberryThe Internet’s a big place. And you’ve got limited time. But don’t allow yourself to slip through the Net. Use Mini-et-Moi’s Guide to Fab Websites to make the most of your surfing time and find the very best for mums and tots. Like a safety net for London mummies and babies, provides a complete catalogue of everything you could be missing out on. So click, click, click and comment, comment, comment!

It’s time to cast your net a little wider and start enjoying what’s out there …

A great US site, Cool Mom Picks dishes up the scoop on great products with a lot of fun and a splash of attitude. When Mini-et-Moi grows up, we want to be just like CMP!

For fun with a foodie, check out City Mama. Like Nigella, but with a generous splash of real life. Enjoy weekly menu planning, recipes and pics – all mixed in with some funny (and at times subversive) mummy adventures.

The US-based eBeanstalk identifies the best toys for newborns, babies, and toddlers. Use it as inspiration for gift-buying before heading to your local toy shop. (Note to Moi: Remember their gift series when you need to send a pressie Stateside.) If someone finds the UK equivalent, let us know! (Some ambitious multi-tasking mummy should start this business here!)

What Mini says:

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish …

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Dancing Queens (and Kings of Rock ‘n Roll)

– Clubbing with the Family (SW 11)

Baby Loves DiscoTonight we’re gonna party like it’s … a Saturday afternoon at the Clapham Grand! That’ right. Diva’s danced. Starlets strutted their stuff. The petulant partied. And the grown-ups? They grooved. You should’ve seen my mummy and daddy. I was so proud. There’s no question, grooving’s in my genes.I loved the lights and the bubbles, and the balloons they handed out. There was a chill-out room – where some of my friends had passed out from the excitement. What novices! (When there are books and puzzles.) And a snack table for the babies – packed with good quality fruit, juices and Organix goodies.

You should come. There’ll be swinging, swaying and music playing …

What Moi says:
It’s not only Baby (who) Loves Disco. We love to boogie. We love to boogie on a Saturday … afternoon.

Baby Loves Disco is an afternoon dance party for the 6 month – 7 year gang and their parents, featuring Heart 106.2 DJs (so there is no mosh-pit – unless you count the odd tanting two year-old) and well-stocked baby changing stations! The events sell out quickly so make sure you book early – parties in May and June are already sold out. (Tickets cost £8 for all walkers.)

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Having It All

– Fab new spa for mums and mums-to-be

Motherhood. It’s all you ever wanted. Then you turn around and realise what you’ve given up.* Sure, you’ve gained so much (and then some) but you’ve also lost the quiet time. And me-time (After all, we’re all about a little bit of Moi too).

Cheers!Well, with Cupcake you can have it all. Yes, that nascent narcissist can re-assert herself. A private members club and spa for mums and mums-to-be, Cupcake is a stylishly decorated and calming space. Offering classes for mums (and mums and babies), seminars by fitness experts and flirt-ologists and spa treatments – all while your little sweet treat is being taken care of in the crèche. And, did we mention plenty of me-time too (perhaps in the café or one of their other spaces.)

Now that’s having it all. It’s called having your (cup)cake, and eating it too!

What Mini says:

All-encompassing. All-consuming. That’s me too.

Membership to Cupcake includes all classes and costs £125 per month. Cupcake Mum is at Riverside Quarter, Point Pleasant, Wandsworth Park SW18 1GG Tel.   020 8875 1065  

* (Without being too earnest, we’ll add, not that it’s not worth every sacrifice.)


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Jet Drag

– A jet lag tab that works

Creme de la Mere Planning a round the world trip en famille? Or a last minute dash to the Caribbean, avec bébé, for a bit of sun? Sounds exotic. Exciting. Exhausting.

Imagine the sleepless nights, the 2, 3 and 4 am wake-ups as you all re-adjust to a new time zone. Jet lag en masse is not pretty. And you won’t be able to lie in – or even lounge around – what with a baby and all. (Sorry babe!)

As tried and tested travellers, we’ve discovered the best ever jet lag tab. Made by Ainsworths, the homeopathic pharmacy, it’s safe for the whole family – and baby too. And, the sugary taste will have you all humming a Mary Poppins’ tune. Take them regularly on the day you travel to help you re-adjust to a new time zone. That’s right. Even you will sleep like a baby. And be fresh ‘n ready to enjoy everything your holiday has to offer.

What Mini says:

What, you mean I could have had a legitimate excuse for running around at 2am?

Ainsworths Pharmacy, 36 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 8UF (Tel. 020 7935 5330). A 7g bottle contains 50 tablets – that’s enough for a roundtrip for the whole family – and costs £6.30. And for an extra charge, they’ll arrange delivery (by first-class post, not plane).


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All Brain and No Brawn*

– Brilliant Book for Bambinos

First we’ll start with bones. As in, we’ll make no bones about it: we’re absolutely smitten. Last month we were hysterically happy about Hooray for Fish. We love the combination of a book and DVD so much that this month, it’s still on our brains.

metm_18apr08.jpgThe brainchild of Walker Books, these sets really do appeal to little ones. And Baby Brains by Simon James is no exception.

The extraordinary Baby Brains reads the paper, mends the car and works as a doctor at the hospital. He’s so clever that he goes on a space mission. But we won’t spoil the story for you ….

Written to appeal to the little brain box in your house – with enough subtle humour for his parents to enjoy – Baby Brains will have you thinking about modern parenthood while your little one flexes his muscles.

*You see, no ‘brawn’ anywhere (other than the title).

metm17.jpgWhat Mini says:

Mummy must not mix her metaphors.

Buy Baby Brains (ISBN: 9781406309584 SSP £7.99) online.

Win a copy of Baby Brains – the book and DVD set! Hit reply to this e-mail and include the word ‘BRAINY’ in the text. You’ll be entered to win a copy. Competition closes 30 April 2008.

Plus! All new subscribers who subscribe to our regular e-mails between 18 April and 18 May will be entered to win a copy. Tell your friends now – forward this e-mail! is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.


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A Good Walk

– Walking Tours of London

metm9.gifWe’re flirting with disaster here – in the way that leaving the house without a change of clothes is asking for an accident to happen. But if the weather holds up – and if your tot is teeny – and you’re feeling that cabin fever, wrap her in a sling and make the most of your time on a London Walk.

Check out the website for comprehensive listings: everything from Ancient London, literary London (including Harry Potter), Spies and Spycatchers, to Westminster at War. Of course, some will have more tourists than others (Jack the Ripper or The Beatles) but maybe it’s time to see your city through new eyes? The guides are excellent and very knowledgeable, and it makes for an interesting few hours.

They also offer tours in a variety of locations. We loved the Old Hampstead Village Tour followed by lunch in a café or pub (try The Wells or The Horseshoe). Or go for Old Marylebone Village where you could always head to Pain Quotidienne for afternoon tea. (Of course the calories don’t count if you’ve just been walking!)

Go on, choose something that works (and walks) for you!

What Mini says?
Why walk when you can be carried around?

See the London walks website for a full list of tours.

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Iggle Biggle

– Quick meal idea for toddlers

metm5.jpgNo, no. Not Iggle Piggle. We’re talking Iggle Biggle. Or, just plain Biggles, to be more precise.

We just love London’s oldest sausage shop to help us make a quick meal for our youngest. And you will too.

Biggles produce the finest sausages in the land, made fresh daily with British Farm reared lean red meat. They’re gluten free so you can avoid the nasties added to other bangers – and avoid those scary pink things at the supermarket.

Try the traditional Biggles Breakfast sausage or if you prefer sausages sans pork, give Biggles 24 hours’ notice and they’ll prepare a delicious lamb and rosemary chipolata for you. Then simply thaw ‘n throw (a culinary term for toddler cooking) into a medium oven for 20 minutes giving you time to put peas in a pot, and make a little pasta (mash is optional, after all).

Your little one will love ‘em. Maybe more than Iggle Piggle. (And you will too.)

What Mini says:

What Moi thinks:
Is that “more” sausages or “more” of that silly creature with the red blanket?

Find Biggles Gourmet Sausages at 66 Marylebone Lane W1U 2PF
Tel. 02072245937. is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.

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