As London mums ourselves, we understand that today’s mothers are under huge pressure to provide the right environment for their babies, to nurture the next child prodigy – be it a baby Beethoven, baby Beckham or baby Bill (Gates). Perhaps your baby is a little older and your looking for Toddler Thiery (Henry)? Toddler Ted Turner? Or Trump them all with Toddler Donald. But in a city like London, how do time-pressed mothers know what’s available and more importantly, what’s worth doing or having?


metm21Welcome to the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers.


Mini-et-Moi is a team of London mums and babies who trawl – and sometimes crawl – the streets of London, bugaboos in tow, checking out what’s available in for mums and babies and toddlers (under 2s).


We understand that you want your baby and toddler to attend the top classeses, amazing activities and have the best of everything …We survey the London scene and provide you with the ultimate insider’s guide to the best mum’s classes, babies classes and activities, hip adult places where tots can tag along, as well as giving you the inside scoop on the most fabulous stuff for you and your tot. From time to time we’ll feature helpful websites, great causes and lifestyle choices for mums and tots.


“Wait a minute,” we hear you shout. “Hip adult places where tots can tag along?” Yes! At Mini-et-Moi, our focus is on London mums continuing to have an active life avec bébé (but one which doesn’t necessarily resolve exclusively around said bébé). So, whether you are on maternity leave, have opted to be a stay at home mother, or you’re already back in the City, make the most of your precious time with your baby or toddler.


We aren’t compensated for our reviews, nor do we get commissions. And we pay for the classes and activities we attend (we possibly even go in disguise). For more details on pennies and pounds at Mini-et-Moi, see our Editorial Policy.

If you have an idea for a feature you’d like to read or a product you think we should review, feel free to send it to us at info@mini-et-moi.com. Likewise, if you have a tip you’d like to share with other London mothers, get in touch. Do you know of – or run – the best baby music class or toddler activities in London?  Send us a note! You will find more information on Submissions here.