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DIY Play # 9 – Water Games

You will need lots and lots of dry towels (and a handy tumble dryer), a large bowl, water, cups, empty containers, plastic bath toys etc.


Water is always such a firm favourite so indulge this desire every once in a while but make sure you have plenty of dry towels to mop up the mess. Fill a large bowl with a small amount of water and place it on a towel on the floor (kitchen or bathroom flooring works best). Or pop your tot in the bath when it’s not officially bath time …


If you feel like it, introduce some straws and have your child blow bubbles. A small amount of dishwashing liquid can spice things up even more!





* Please remember that a young child can drown in what seems like a ridiculously small amount of water; make sure you watch your child at all times.

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DIY Play # 8 – Make your own Gloop

– Messy Play (Easy to make and easy to clean up with water)



You will need a box of cornstarch and some water (food colouring is optional).


Empty most of the box of cornstarch into a large pan or baking tray. Gradually add water until the mixture starts dripping off a spoon. Adjust the consistency by adding more cornstarch or water. It should be runny when your little one tries to pick it up but solid in the pan. Let her have some fun!

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DIY Play # 7 – An Indoor Sandbox

– Bring the fun inside without the mess


You Will Need:

Large plastic box or container

Rice or cereal

Measuring cups, a variety of spoons and some favourite pieces from the Little Miss’ tea set

Large towels or a sheet for easy clean-up



Fill a plastic box with rice or breakfast cereal, and place it on a sheet or towel on the floor. Show your toddler how to scoop and pour. Let the Dinky Dot work on her fine motor skills by picking up grains individually.


Hide small toys in the rice for her to find.

Note: This game is best played on a hard floor where you can sweep up any mess. (Is it only my toddler who can’t stay on the sheet?)


* Make sure that whatever you use does not pose a choking hazard and be prepared for a little crunch ‘n munching (commonly known as elevenses)  especially if you are using a favourite Breakfast cereal.

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Touchy, Feely

metm8– Free fun for fiddlers


Feeling bored? And a little touchy about money? We’ve lined up the greatest fun for you to have at home with our DIY games and activities. And the best bit is that it’s all free – or close to it with all ingredients available at your local shops (if not already in your cupboard). Go on! Get gooey with the greatest gloop, or pile ‘em high in your indoor sandbox.


With fun like this, it won’t be long before your mummy’s pushing up her sleeves to get stuck in and you’re the one shouting ‘Don’t touch!’ Feels good!


What Moi says:

Oi! Hands off!


DIY Play # 7 – An Indoor Sandbox

DIY Play # 8 – Make your own Gloop

DIY Play # 9 – Water Games


And you may want to check out the ideas in this series:

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DIY Play # 6 – Boot Camp is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.

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The Experiment

– Fantastic free fun at the Science Museum (SW7)


Mummy’s idea of successful experimentation is mixing medleys of marrows, mushrooms and mushy peas. I prefer my experiments to be a little more scientific in nature.


metm61That’s why I head to the Science Museum where test tubes – and tots – gurgle in delight.


For the under 5 set, the water table on the lower ground is a must. Don your lab coat (waterproof pinafores are standard issue and provided by the Museum) to join your peers; all scientists and lab experts work tirelessly side by side. The work is intense but highly rewarding.


There is also a play area where you can mountaineer (well, climb) or test your construction abilities (with soft blocks) – but remember this is science and you’ll need to keep a record of your empiric conclusions.


If you’re the sort who likes playing with electricity then head straight for The Secret Life of the Home. While Mummy is absorbed by the exhibition, you’ll have a chance to push buttons and pull levers beyond your wildest dreams.


All in all, this is not so much an experiment as tried and tested fun.


What Moi says:

With all this watery fun far from my home, I’d be a mad scientist to stay away.


Read our Vital Stats on the Science Museum . Be warned though; it can get very busy especially during half term and on weekends.

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A Tall Tale

– London’s Story Times for Little Ones


It’s the same old story – what to do with junior on a cold and frosty morning. Something that will stimulate her senses and let her expend a little of that surplus energy. But not at the expense of your new furniture.  



What about a good read? And no, we don’t, mean on said new furniture (although if you are planning on staying in, click here for a list of all the books we’ve reviewed on Mini-et-Moi).


Read on! We’ve listed every story time at every library and book shop in North and West London. It’s a long story. And you can search by day of the week or by postcode, making finding the closest and most convenient gathering as simple as ABC.


Sure, the fiction may be a little less White Tiger and a little more The Tiger who Came to Tea. But the storyline is as riveting and the writing superb. And it will have junior and all the other little literature lovers enraptured.


And if it doesn’t? Well there’s always every book on the library shelves to page through – or that single gross-looking toy to wrestle over. But that’s another story.


Don’t live this side of the river? Don’t fret. As you read this our mums and tots are pounding the pavements of those other parts London and next week we’ll bring you an equally comprehensive listing for all of South and East London. End of Story.


What Mini says:

I can read her like book!

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