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Wonderful Wishes

To all our readers –

Seasons Greetings! 


And Best Wishes for 2009.

For last-minute Festive inspiration of the ‘I made it myself’ variety – and to involve small tots in the Christmas run-up, click here Just try not to get all competitive about it:



And if you can’t keep the perfectionism at bay, see our recipe for play dough.


Mini-et-Moi will be back on 7 January 2009 when we’ll bring you the very latest tips, advice and ideas for a 2009.


What Mini says:
I need a break!


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All the way to Oxbridge, Baby!

metm111– DVD to aid babies in early communication


The little genius in your arms has his future determined for him: the finest nursery and a highly pedigreed education (of course, his name has been down at all the right places since conception). In your eyes, all paths lead to Oxbridge 

Indulge your competitive urgings and give the future Nobel laureate a head start with the Learn to Talk DVD by Oxbridge Baby.


Perhaps not the most glamourous gift he’ll receive, the academic credentials are all there. And Junior’s will be too.  

metmx_19decGood quality and simple imagery allow baby brains to focus on the important message, and a clever combination of sounds, music, visual stimulation and basic sign language will introduce your little grad to different vocabulary as he learns to say his first words. 

What Mini says:

Which, of course, will be ‘A first at Oxbridge, Baby.’


Learn to Talk by Oxbridge Baby (SSP £12.99 with free UK p&p) is available from the Oxbridge Baby website. We’ve included a copy in each of our Christmas Bootie Hampers. is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.

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A Matter of Perspective

– Clever new books tell same tale for boys and girls

metmx_17_1decThe battle of the sexes, it seems, starts early. Leaving aside the chromosome argument (xx, xy – it’s all too complicated), if there’s any truth in the tale, it starts with a make-up of very different ingredients. And now you can choose a tale to match your tot’s constitution, be it puppy dogs tails or sugar and spice.

Not that we’re getting all Mars and Venus on you. Or Harry and Sally. We’re talking Oscar meets Maggie.

The imaginative and multi-talented creators of our favourite family club, Maggie & Rose, have turned their hand to publishing a single book, but with a choice of your hero’s gender. How post-modern!

Both are beautifully illustrated and tell the same tale.

Boys will love the action-packed adventure in which our hero Oscar and his faithful canine companion Bentley save the day in a charmingly boy-sterous tale.

metmx_17_2decAnd little girls will love the (Maggie &) Rose-tinted version with sugar, spice and all things nice.  Think afternoon teas and girly fun.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from mixing things up a little and buying both books. Now that’s an interesting perspective!

What Mini says:

Perspective? You should try seeing the world from down here.

Maggie & Rose’s new books (SSP £10 each) are available from their website. Aimed at a slightly older child, the books make the perfect present for an older friend – or put one on your tot’s bookshelf for the future.

Enter our Christmas Bootie competition and you could win one of each version!

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Time to Sparkle

– Indulgent ‘Me Time’ for Exhausted Mums at the Aqua Sculpture Spa, W6


MetM2.1For the busy mum, the Christmas season is more of a busman’s holiday than a relaxing rest.   Your ‘To Do’ List is growing by the minute; there aren’t enough hours left before the big day.   At this rate, you’ll more likely to feel frazzled than fabulous. And, Heaven forbid, you’ll be forced to rely on the tinsel – or the Christmas lights – to give you a little sparkle.

Stop! Place your exhausted self into the safe and experienced hands of the Aqua Sculpture Spa therapists who are guaranteed to get you glowing and put you in the party mood for the festive season.


You’ll be truly spoilt for choice:  Slip into your LBD without a second thought after  an amazing Universal Contour Wrap that guarantees a minimum 6 inch loss.  Want to bring your seasonal sparkle back?  Check out the pearl face and body envelopment which will leave you with an iridescent shimmer from top to toe.


Glamorous and gorgeous, you’ll be the envy of all your friends. Which leaves you with just one dilemma, do you explain the reason for the glint in your eye or keep it all to yourself?


What Mini says:

Twinkle, twinkle little star!


Aqua Sculpture Spa, 324 King Street, London, W6 0RR (Tel:     0208 741 0338    )


metmx_15decThe Aqua Sculpture Spa has contributed a hot stone massage and a manicure to each of the Christmas Bootie Hampers. Have you entered yet? It’s easy and so worthwhile! (Each hamper is worth £300). Don’t add it to your list – do it know!


AND! All Mini-et-Moi subscribers will receive a 20% discount on all treatments booked between now and 31st January.   Please quote ‘Mini-et-Moi’ when making your reservation.

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Whirl Cool

– Photo Diary for my Dearest


metm18My life can be really hectic. Often my Mummy seems to struggle to pause for breath. I suppose it can be tough to keep track of all my scheduled appearances.


Add to that the usual activities: Yoga on Monday, Babyccino’s with the girls on Tuesday, causing general chaos at my local baby Gym on Wednesday…it’s no surprise my Personal Assistant (a.k.a Mummy) sometimes gets herself into a whirl.


metmx__10decBut I’ve discovered a sensational solution for my fatigued, multi-tasking scheduler: a custom-made diary, with pics of yours truly to brighten her (every)day.  With Photobox’s easy to use website, I can create a standard or large photo diary, or for those really wanting to show off their scrumptious selves, try the highly customisable Deluxe Diary.


I just upload the very best of my portfolio to a virtual album, and the website does the rest.  Even better, I’ve been able to lovingly arrange my photo next to important family days (well, I wouldn’t want the focus off me for a minute!)


She’ll be the envy of all the girls when she uses it to schedule my next arrangement – and, thanks to the diaries’ durable and wipe clean covers, I won’t have to worry about her sticky fingers causing permanent damage to my artwork (It’s so hard to find good help these days!).


Moi says:

Keep tabs on your social whirl, and do it in style!


This Mini-et-Moi review was submitted by our multi-tasking maven, A&E consultant and mum to two, Rena and her 2 lovely minis. You can read more about Rena’s life in her blog, Frazzled Mum.

The Deluxe Diary (SSP £17.99) is customisable for you and your nearest and dearest. Add up to 3 photos to every double page spread with the handy week-to-view layout, or dedicate pages to making handy lists and jotting down thoughts. Simply log onto Photobox and follow the prompts. (You must order by 12 December 2008 for books and calendars to arrive in time for Christmas.)


metm111Win! Win one of two Deluxe Diaries by Photobox in our Christmas Bootie Hamper Competition*.

It’s easy to apply! Click here for details.


* Please note: The prize draw will take place on 19 December and you will not receive the finished Photobox product before Christmas.

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The Cream of the Crop

100% Natural Baby Skin Care range from Culpeper


metmx_8dec_1It’s never too early to introduce your little one to history, but, before you come clean about your historical limitations, brush up on the story of the fabulous baby skin care range from the 17th Century Apothecary, Culpeper.


You can spout on about the father of modern herbalism while Junior makes history kicking up a lather with the baby bubbles and soap.


And the lessons need not stop there.  With dusting powder, lotion, nappy cream and massage butter, Junior will be a fountain of knowledge by bedtime.


All getting a bit serious?  Then bring Junior back to the modern day with a rendition of 5 Little Ducks, accompanied by the Culpeper rattle duck.


Herbs and spice and all things nice, that’s what Culpeper babies are made of!


What Mini Says:

With all this knowledge, I’m bound to go down in history!


metmx_8dec_2The 100% Natural Baby Skin Care range by Culpeper has been especially developed for your baby, but is also perfect for sensitive skins of all ages. Made without parabens, PEGs or petrochemicals, and not tested on animals. The Baby Gift Set contains all baby skincare products and the rattle duck and costs £55. Shop online at or call  01451 822681 .


Win! Win one of two Baby Gift Box Sets in our Christmas Bootie Hamper Competition.

It’s easy to apply! Click here for details.

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Handy Cam

– Fab photo calendar from Photobox


In the digital age, it’s never been easier to ensure every element of our precious poppet’s lives is photographically documented. But we often find ourselves inundated with thousands of snaps of our little darlings – and not entirely sure how to enjoy every one.


metmx_5dec_3What better way to display these “snapshots in time” than in an A3 Poster Calendar or a Deluxe Desk Calendar from


As simple as loading chosen stills into your virtual album, PhotoBox guides you through the mock-up process – choosing layouts, advising on image resolution, indulging in all aspects of creative direction (zoom, crop, rotation) all to achieve the desired end result – a Mini masterpiece in the making.


And if Mini decides that your attention is required elsewhere (if only you could auto-focus life!), just save your album and return when she is suitably distracted.


Four days after ordering your doorstep is graced with a package containing a sensational calendar  – truly professional reproductions of Mini in glorious full colour, just bursting to take pride of place on her Daddy’s desk.


And these gorgeous gifts would be perfect for those relatives craving more face-time with your Mini super-model: think grannies, aunts, uncles … who wouldn’t be delighted by your little darling on a daily basis?


Keep the camera handy, and indulge yourself – you never know when there’s going to be another milestone moment.


What Mini says:

Did Mummy used to moonlight as a Paparazzo?

metmx_5dec_4The simple and stylish A3 calendar (SSP £18.99) and week-to-view deluxe desk calendar (SSP £17.99) are available from Photobox. The last date for Christmas orders is 12 December 2008 so start creating one now!

Win! Win one of two A3 Calendars from Photobox in our Christmas Bootie Hamper Competition*.

It’s easy to apply! Click here for details.

* Please note: The prize draw will take place on 19 December and you will not receive the finished Photobox product before Christmas. is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.  





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