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The Games People Play

– Great Games for your Toddler’s Party

Let\'s PartyThe guest list is settled, the invitations are out. Your inner Nigella is focused on food. Now the real fun and games begin. How will you entertain the little players and older kids?

This is where a little bit of prep can really pay-off, big-time.

If you’re part of the DIY set, then with a few simple props (think balls, bubbles and some sand), you’ll be able to put on plenty of games. Like that all time favourite, Pop ‘em, Poppets (chasing and popping bubbles), or Balls in a Bucket (no prizes for guessing this game) or Buried Treasure (bury small prizes in a sandpit and let each pirate dig until he finds some loot).

If kid’s parties are just not your game, contact Adam Ants to hire soft play animals, a bouncing castle or a ball pond – and let the little ones get on with it. And, if you want your party to sizzle, try Twizzle. From sourcing entertainers or equipment, to arranging all aspects of the party, they’ll do it all.

That’s one game you’ve aced.

Now don’t forget to pack your camera.

What Mini says:
And the winner is ….


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Stars in their … bags

– Party bags for all occasions.

A celebration!Nothing beats a party. Except perhaps leaving a party armed with the most fabulous party bag graciously given to you by your glamorous host. But what with organising the social event of the year and making sure she and her precious little gift look fabulous on the day, where does a busy Moi find the time to find suitable pressies to pop into party bags?

Fear not! Help is at hand in the shape of Starbags, bespoke handmade party bags lovingly made by the clever people at Semmalina in SW1.

With an imagination-inspiring selection of fillings, like sweets and sparklers, rubber ducks and soaps, all wrapped up in crinkly cellophane with lashings and lashings of ribbons, these party bags really are a treat and will give your party legendary status!

And leave your guests a little starry-eyed.

What Mini says:
I can always have a party in a bag. For me the best party is in my mummy’s handbag …

Starbags are available from Semmalina, 225 Ebury Street, London, SW1W 8UT Tel. 020 7730 9333. Suitable for all budgets and all occasions, we recommend Starbags for baby showers, christenings, birthdays, or any other time you want to shower your friends in a little bit of gorgeousness! is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.

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The Cupcake Chronicles

– Need we say more?

Check out our complete list of Cupcake Shops and Bakeries in London.

Cheers!Love them or leave them, cupcakes make great party food for hip mummies throwing even hipper kids’ parties. And even hip ‘n happening hostesses who are too busy multi-tasking to bake their own, can still keep hordes of hungry toddlers happy with our pick of the best places to buy the perfect little treat.

Primrose Bakery

A totally gorgeous bakery – and the perfect place if you want a nice, sell-contained treat for the little cherub, and a nice cuppa for yourself – Primrose make fabulous, beautifully decorated cupcakes, and mini cupcakes. And they deliver.

Primrose Hill BakeryAddress: 69 Gloucester Avenue NW1 8LD
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8.30am-6pm and Sun 10am-5pm
Prices: Prices start at £1.15 for a mini and £1.75 for a cupcake.
Order:020 7483 4222 or

Hummingbird Bakery

A well known destination for cupcake lovers, this busy and bustling shop has two locations. They deliver their wonderful wares, and they honour a baker’s dozen. (What a quirky and old-fashioned idea.)

Hummingbird in South Kensington
Address: 47 Old Brompton Road SW7 3JP
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 10:30am – 7pm
Prices: Standard cupcakes start at £1.55 with mini cupcakes starting at £0.95.
Order: 020 7584 0055

Hummingbird in Notting Hill
Address: 133 Portobello Road W11 2DY
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5:30 pm, Sunday 11 – 5pm (closed Mondays)
Order: 020 7229 6446

What Mini says:
Let them eat cake!

Check out our complete list of Cupcake Shops and Bakeries in London. And send us your recommendations and ideas!

P.S. If you’re a real fan, head over to Cupcakes Take the Cake to check out how three ladies pay homage to the cupcake!

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Let’s Party!

– Special ideas for fabulous children’s parties

Spring Fever may have gotten to us (either that or it’s the sunshine). This week on, we’re showcasing fabulous finds to help make your little prince’s – or princess’- party pure pleasure.

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