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New To The Herd!

– Stunning artwork to welcome your little monkey

Never mind the jungle drums, a colourful jungle fun print by Carla Daly is the best way to broadcast your new arrival.


It’s a wild family affair with a congregation of giraffes, zebras, hippos and an elephant all standing on ceremony for the birth announcement. Or choose from the other ranges including a fantastical circus and musical sheep.



With each print personalized to include baby’s birth details, these humorous prints have welcoming your little one to the tribe down to a fine art.



All wrapped up in the most gorgeous gift wrap with a handmade gift tag, the jungle has never looked so glamorous.



Now that’s something you’ll be happy to have



What Mini says:

What do they mean ‘children should be seen and not herd’?*



* No, it’s not a typo.



Carla Daly’s personalized birth prints measure 30 x 40 cm (12″x 16″), cost US$ 28.00 and are usually dispatched within 48 hours and delivery is free. Or choose from the wonderful selection of wall art, growth charts and pictures frames online.

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Stuck On You!

– Striking wall stickers for the Nursery


Stuck in a design rut? In need of a little inspiration to spruce up the nursery? Then get stuck into the fabulous themed wall graphics stickers from the Wee Gallery.


There’s a design to suit every nursery: from sea life, garden serenity, farmyard bliss and jungle adventure to herds of elephants and towers of giraffes.


The funky designs will grab the wee littl’un’s attention and captivate her mind with stunning high contrast geometric shapes.


Smart art for little minds – a sticky start to Mini’s art collection!


What Mini says:

Stick ‘em up – on my bedroom wall!

The wall graphics stickers, as well as flash cards and canvas prints, are available online. is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.

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A Perfect Night’s Sleep

– Organic mattresses for cots and cot-beds.

Creme de la MereThere is only one person who loves a good sleep more than me, and that’s Moi. So it was no surprise to me that she found the perfect sleeping environment for me.

The Natural Mat Company in Notting Hill specializes in deep sleep-inducing cot and cot-bed mattresses. Hand made in Devon using the finest natural and organic raw materials, the mattresses allow for constant circulation of air which means a safe and superbly comfortable night’s sleep.

Each one is bathed in a mixture made from essential oils of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus making them anti-dust mite, 100% hypo-allergenic and naturally fire retardant. All this without a nasty chemical in sight!

Accompanied by their range of 100% cotton organic bed linen and an exclusive range of nursery furniture, this one stop shop offers the most eco-conscience Moi the perfect sleeping solution for her precious Mini.

What Moi says:
A near guaranteed good night’s sleep? Sounds like the perfect lullaby!

The Natural Mat Company is at 99 Talbot Road, London, W11 2AT and is open Monday to Friday 9.30am – 6pm and Saturday 10am – 4pm. Crib mattresses start from £70.00.

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Upward Mobility

– Fun and funky children’s mobiles

Mobility. It’s something junior will dream of for months (and years) to come. We’ve found some great mobiles to spark his imagination and let him dream, in an upward direction.

metm_9apr081.jpgFor those upwardly mobile types who dream of hanging an original Calder (dah-ling) in junior’s room, you’ll love the bright colours and simple designs of the Elephant Party – somewhat like Calder meets Elmer. And junior will love watching the subdued movements of this colourful display.

metm_9apr082.jpgIf the past few months have left you obsessing over Junior’s exposure (or lack thereof) to warmer climates, you’ll love the (Spring) Chicken and Eggs which will help spark philosophical questions of dizzying heights (which came first, you ask yourself).

metm_9apr083.jpgOr, if the mobility you seek is of the tree-climbing variety, then this your very own little monkey will enjoy seeing the Monkeys moving up and down the wire, swinging happily from the trees.

Now that’s what we call going mobile ….

What Mini says:
If I’m upwardly mobile, why can’t I have all three?

Places and Spaces sell these gorgeous mobiles and prices range from £12 to £25 depending on the design. The shop is at 30 Old Town, Clapham, London SW4 0LB Tel.    020 7498 0998   .

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The Paper Chase

– Nursery Wallpaper for the Design-Conscious

metm44.jpgYou’ve walked the length of the King’s Road (more than once). You’ve spent hours searching the Net. Yet you’re still not able to find the perfect wallpaper for the nursery – one that is fun for junior and won’t have you searching for your anti-histamine as you take in all those florals. In short, you’re tired of the paper chase.

Finally! We’ve found a range of wallpapers that could grace any stylish nursery (and other rooms in the house too), without compromising your aesthetic sensibilities and great sense of style.

metm_2april08.jpgMini Moderns is a range of interior products designed and produced by London design and branding agency, Absolute Zero Degrees. The range includes wonderful and whimsical wallpapers and has recently expanded into fabrics, cushions and gift tableware, all complementing the Playtime prints. We love the simple, numerical design of the Knock-Knock wallpaper, with its fresh and original co-ordinating fabric – Town Square.

Sound too good to be true? Then get it down on paper.

metm_21april08.jpgWhat Mini says:
She’s always going on about coordination – doesn’t she realise it’s not because of a lack of coordination that I don’t get all my food into my mouth – that’s a game!

Visit the Mini-Moderns website to find your nearest stockists.

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Silly rhymes and great designs

– Utterly charming, original paintings

metm131_feb08.jpgWhat’s a mum to do when she can’t find an original work to put on the nursery wall? Faced with just this problem when decorating her daughter’s nursery, interior designer Milly Green created Tilly Tots (There’s the rhyme – we’re being silly!), a range of fun and affordable original paintings and limited edition prints that are perfect for a nursery or child’s room.

Choose from themes like Magical Wonderland, Alphabet or On Safari (but not Calamari) or, for something more exclusive, speak to Milly about a bespoke commission. Either way, the bright and colourful characters will become treasured friends for years to come.

metm132_feb08.jpgAnd, Milly recently launched a range of gorgeous party invites and greeting cards. Distributed in boutiques across London, the cards are selling like hot cakes! So get going, for goodness’ sakes!

For more information, contact Milly on  07884 492 841  or at

What Mini says:
When I have the time, I’ll make my own rhyme …


Tilly Tot artworks are on view at Webbs Fine Art Gallery, 1 Burland Road, Battersea SW11 6SA Tel.  020 7223 1733 . All are mounted on high quality board and are available framed or unframed. Prices start from £45 for a small, mounted print. Tilly Tot cards are available at Les Petits 16 Barnes High Street SW13 9LW Tel.  020 8878 2468 .

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