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At Full Stretch

metm21– Mum & Baby Yoga Classes in SW11

It’s a sad truth that not by any stretch of the imagination is your pre-baby figure going to reappear without some work.    

But rather than a full on military style workout, stretch the rules at Battersea Yoga where Nadia will have you back in shape and feeling fabulous in no time.  The one hour class will put you through an effective and strong postnatal yoga routine which will leave you feeling revitalized, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Then, on the strength of a world famous back catalogue of nursery rhymes, Junior is put through his paces where you help him stretch his legs (and arms!) and indulge him in some Mummy and Tot bonding baby massage.     

After his big work out, the little one is guaranteed to nod off on the home stretch.

What Mini says:

At a stretch, I’m up for it. 

You are ready for post natal yoga after your six week check-up. Nadia’s post natal classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays at St Vincents Hall, 36 Altenburg Gardens SW11 1JJ. The new term starts 5th January / 7th January and the course costs £168 for 14 classes. To book, email Nadia on is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.


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Off the Wall

metm25– Fun for all at the Leisure Centre (NW3)


Feel like you’re climbing the walls? With a thunderous child, serious cabin-fever and the looming threat of those extra Christmas pounds on your newly-recovered derriere, you need a day at leisure.


On a dark and stormy day, what better way to meet Mini’s multitude of demands (or your own) than a visit to the sensational Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre. 


Re-launched in 2006, it offers a wide range of activities in stylish and serene surroundings: Let Mini romp in the soft play and baby jungle. Take her for a dip in the tots’ swimming pool. Or browse around the children’s library …


If you need some “Moi time”, take advantage of the lovely crèche while you enjoy the gym, pool or women-only work-out sessions. For those considering a return to the concrete jungle, test your muscle on the climbing wall. It’ll have you scaling new heights.


Afterwards, unwind at your leisure in one of the sumptuous cafes (yes, plural! And not a single hole in the wall.).


What Mini says:

Why ‘a fly on the wall’? You should only know what babies observe…


Go on! Take a stroll (or tube, bus, or even drive) to the crème de la crème of leisure centres. With a weekly farmers’ market round the corner, you’ll even be able to sort out supper on your way home.


Thanks to the lovely Moi, Eliza Maree, and her gorgeous mini, Pandora for testing and submitting Off the Wall.

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Got Milk?

– Simple and stylish protectors of a Mum’s modesty


metm_24novemberJust because you’re not at the front of the lunchtime queue at your City coffee-chain doesn’t mean you’re any less stressed than you were pre-maternity leave.


It may only be 10:30am at your local café, but as you wait to place your order, the challenge ahead looms large: to feed a ravenous, wriggling nipper and sip a latte, all while holding a blanket in place to preserve (what remains of) your dignity.


With Bebe Au Lait you can breastfeed whenever and wherever, be that the local Starbucks or out to lunch with your colleagues.


This easy-to-use, machine washable cover provides a private space for you and your’s to gaze lovingly into one another’s eyes; reduces the need to constantly check that your chosen protector of privacy is in place and, perhaps most importantly, allows you to participate in the passing show – be that a conversation or a good cuppa.


So when you’re feeding on the go, make sure your bébé is au lait. How you order your coffee is up to you …


metm_cupcakesWhat Mini says:

Make mine a double espresso … I need to be up all night.


Once the preserve of the international jet set mums – with the likes of Gwen Stefani and Gwyneth Paltrow among its devotees – the world-famous Bebe Au Lait (SSP £25) is now available at your local John Lewis.

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Fashion First

– 5 Minute Fix for Looking Fabulous This Autumn/Winter


These days, you’re more likely to be walking to watch the ducks than watching the catwalks.


And when you do have a spare 5 minutes to get dressed, the fear of ‘What Not to Wear’ is enough to make you stay at home. 


No SuperMummy wants to be known as a fashion victim but that’s doesn’t mean you have to be a Slummy Mummy.  So, how do you strike a balance without striking a pose?


At Mini-et-Moi’s first ever SuperMummy event on 28th October, empowered our SuperMummies with their Top 10 Fashion Tips that set them all on perfect course to sail glamorously and effortlessly through Autumn / Winter 08/09.


If you missed our event, click for the Top 10 Tips!


What Mini Says:

You look fabulous, dahhling!


Finding time to make sure your party frock fits you like a glove is a challenge.   After a(nother) sleepless night with Junior, you’re more fit to drop than fighting fit and your exercise routine is, at best, fits and starts.  In need of a five minute fix it for fab abs to make sure you are the belle of the ball?  Click here for Mini-et-Moi’s Top Tips for Fab Abs. 

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Fashion First

– 5 Minute Fix for Looking Fabulous in Autumn/Winter 08/09.


metm21Passed on directly from the experts, Mini-et-Moi’s 5-Minute Fixes© are practical and easy to apply and they’ll leave you polished, poised and perfectly prepared to enhance your personal SuperMummy© potential.


No SuperMummy wants to be known as a fashion victim but that doesn’t mean you have to be a Slummy Mummy.  Read on and learn how to strike a balance without striking a pose, delivered courtesy of


  1. Like any seasoned City pro, make sure your wardrobe investments pay off. Do your due diligence on the essentials – the jeans, the LBD, the shoes, tee, bag, and blouse. 
  2. Be clever with classics – choose a winter coat to take you from season to season.
  3. Leather and lace may not be a good look for the under 2 set, but as one of the hottest trends of the season, this one will also last for years to come.
  4. In your sleep deprived state, you may not have noticed that there is more to tights than black opaques! Opt for coloured, patterned or thick ribbed to update any look.
  5. Pump it with flat ballet pumps and moccasins for day: You’ll be and comfortable; and ready to take off after Junior in seconds flat.
  6. Your little diamond in the rough may have taught you all you need to know about making a real statement. (And always when there’s an audience.) Now show him a thing or two by making a statement with your jewellery: From cuffs to cocktail rings, big is best.
  7. Season your style with a scarf. A silk or cashmere scarf will transform any outfit in an instant. (It also makes a refreshing change to the muslin cloth that has become your signature piece.)
  8. Boots are back. With ankle boots, shoe boots, knee high boots and flat biker boots, it’s never been easier to step out in style.
  9. The tot is not the only one who likes to snuggle up in a knit. Warm up your wardrobe with a chunky knit cardigan or jumper dress.
  10. Wise up your arm-wear with well-chosen bag buys – a clutch for night and a classic tote for day. Leave the change bag at home (at your peril!).  

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From Ab Flab to Fab Abs

– Tips for Fab Abs!


MetM5After a(nother) sleepless night with Junior, you’re more fit to drop than fighting fit and your exercise routine is, at best, fits and starts.  Read on for Mini-et-Moi’s 5-minute fix it for Fab Abs,  as delivered by Poppy Dickinson.


Mum’s Muscular Memory

  • Set a manageable time to exercise, even ten minutes can help.  Keeping up the practice is good, and a little is better than nothing at all. Enjoy your exercise and relax with it!  If you don’t like your exercise routine, change it.  Feeling happy, relaxed and balanced will allow your body to tone up well.
  • You may not be fully convinced but muscles have memories.  If you work them well, they continue to work outside of your exercise regime.  Try incorporating this concept in your daily routine, e.g. use your abs when pushing, lifting and crawling around after Junior. And always think about your posture.


Core Strengths


You don’t need a full hour at the gym to work on your posture. (You don’t remember the gym? It’s the one with the excellent crèche. Where you signed a new contract months ago …?)  


  • Neutral Position – Make sure your body is in good alignment: Shoulders relaxed, spine and pelvis in natural position. 
  • Your core consists of shoulders, rib cage, abdominals and pelvis.  All must be well placed to tone correctly and efficiently. Think of your core as a central control.  Always ensure it is engaged when you are moving.  All leg and arm exercises stem from your abs/core, which is your centre of strength.
  • Breathe well.  Abdominals attach to the ribs, so the rib cage movement should be lateral to keep the abdominal wall as flat as possible.  Breathe in through nose and out through mouth.


Small Challenges

  • Use both sides of your body equally.  e.g. hold that change bag on different shoulders, use your weaker arm/leg for certain movements that you would usually use your stronger side for.  This will give you good balance.


Show us your pelvis, Elvis

  • Pelvic floor work is a must both before and after baby arrives.  Simply lifting and releasing the pelvic floor is a good exercise for the lower abdominals too.  (Don’t know how to do it?  It’s like holding from going to the toilet.  Squeeze and release!)


Take your Baby, Gaby

  • Include the baby in your exercise by moving your body in different ways and directions.  Flexion (forward bending), extension (small upper back bending), lateral flexion (side bending) and rotation.  A variation of movements is good!

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The Jet Set

MetM9The Jet Set

– Gorgeous Gift Set for Gallivanting Gurglers


You have the most fantastic passport photo of Mini (and it took only 7 times to get it right), you’re all organized for your holiday but you’re still  missing  that  finishing  touch  for  your  little jet setter’s trip.  Look no further!


The gorgeous Baby Passport and Luggage Tag Gift Set by Bombay Duck is all a travelling tot needs.


metm_12nov1Show  off  Mini’s  star  baby credentials at Passport Control with the luxurious  leather  passport cover, before moving on to spy the lavish coordinating luggage tag as Mini’s suitcase arrives on the carousel. Watch even the weariest traveller sit up and take notice.


With first class accessories like these, you’ll be rich pickings for an upgrade.


metm_12nov2What Mini says:

Just the thing to get my globe trotting off to a flying start!


The Bombay Duck Baby Passport and Luggage Tag Gift Set (SSP £18) is available  online  and Huttons on Northcote Road, SW11 and Putney Exchange, SW15. 

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