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Mum’s the wor(l)d

– Mother’s Day Flowers at Kew Gardens

metm5.jpgShhh … Daddy and I have a secret. It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, and we’re springing into action with a day at Kew Gardens. We’ve worked it all out. But don’t tell anyone. Remember … mum’s the word.


We’ll be giving mummy lots and lots of flowers as Kew celebrates with the biggest display of spring flowers in the country. Why settle for a bunch when you could give your mummy over 5 million flowering bulbs? After all, when it comes to flowers, more really is more. (And on the subject of more, it’s your last chance to see Henry Moore at Kew which closes on 30 March.) With two million blue, white and mauve crocuses waving around the Victoria Gate, and sunny daffodils dancing along the Broad Walk, my mummy will have no doubt of my love for her. Remember … mum’s the wor(l)d (to me).


What Moi says:

I wonder why Junior’s being so quiet … it usually spells trouble.


Spring flowers are on show until 20 April 2008, and, should you be so inclined, you can time your trip by keeping an eye on the Bulb Watch. Visitor information is online. is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.


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Let them eat cake …

metm131.gif– Family-friendly AND fabulous for Mother’s Day


In need of a bit of inspiration for Mother’s Day? A family-focused meal that will allow junior to have a good time but that’s still sophisticated and grown-up too? It may sound oxymoronic but there really is no need to settle for a greasy spoon, or a cheesy themed- restaurant when you can have your cake and eat it too …


With an amazing selection of pastries to choose from, and healthier brunch choices – like their delicious fruit-packed muesli with yoghurt – Villandry is the place to go for a gorgeous mother’s day brunch. With plenty of highchairs and colouring-in for the little ones, the staff is happy to oblige. Enjoy great coffee while snacking on their fresh and seasonal fare. If brunch is not your cuppa, Villandry also have an impressive lunch menu (and a dinner menu for the truly adventurous). And there is an Annabel Karmel menu for the small and the tiny. Older tots will enjoy a mini hamburger and chips, while the younger could feast on chicken with carrots and apple, puréed or mashed – depending on their age, or let’s face it, their mood. So you won’t be the only one eating your cake.


What Mini says:
Cake … did someone mention cake?


metm273_feb.jpgVillandry is at 170 Great Portland Street, London W1W 5QB, Tel.   020 7631 3131  . Booking is recommended (although you may find a table for brunch). As they use only the finest seasonal ingredients, the menu changes daily. You can view today’s menu online. (Note that there are no baby-change facilities, although the toilets are very spacious …).

We also read about Villandry on Babyccino, a cute new baby blog.

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Inspiration, not Aspiration

– Unique and Ethical Gifts for Mother’s Day


metm141.jpgYou’re excited to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday – while you’re looking forward to receiving that handmade card and breakfast in bed, you’re also secretly hoping for a gorgeous gift. Something in another league – truly aspirational. (Go on, admit it.) In all the excitement of being a mum, don’t forget your own mum. What are YOU going to give her? Smelly soap? A toiletry bag? Will it be (another) mad dash for a bunch of flowers and some choccies. *Yawn.*



Forget the predictable (and the aspirational). It’s time to get unusually inspirational.



Inspire your mum by giving her a gift that can make a real difference to the lives of mothers and children in the developing world. Choose a life-saving, life-changing UNICEF Inspired Gift, like sponsoring measles vaccines for 50 children (a measly £12) or blankets for 10 babies (a snug £20). All come in a gift box and are available for the first time exclusively at Selfridges.




What Mini says:

I don’t yet know how to spell philanthropist, but that’s my ASPIRATION!




Selfridges, Oxford Street, have twelve boxed gifts ranging in price from £12 to £115, you can choose to spend as little or as much as you like. For a full range of over 50 un-boxed UNICEF Inspired Gifts please visit or call  0844 888 5505 .

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Cheques and Balances

– Amazing website for parent-purchasers

metm18.jpgParenthood. It’s a lesson in high finance. What to buy? What not to buy? It’s all so complicated (and not only for the first-timers …). Look after your cheques, and protect your bank balance with Babyfy, a great new review site for parents.

Babyfy is completely independent and impartial. Unlike other baby sites, it provides a comprehensive list of hospitals and birth units in the UK. With easy-to-use tables of information, it provides vital stats on each and offers parents an opportunity to dish up the true story of their hospital experience. That should keep ’em in check.

metm22_feb.gifPlus, Babyfy has reviews of thousands of products and services to help parents make better choices. With professional reviews and comments by parents, you can unleash you’re inner critic and review all the kit that you bought. But remember that other people will be relying on your opinion, so try to be balanced.

What Mini says:
Check mate!

Check out – with new information being added all the time, this site is worth keeping an eye on. is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.


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Trumpeter, trumpeter …

– Blowing our own trumpet


Need to find a great book? Or looking for a class? There’s no need to rummage through your inbox. (Sure, you love filing things … but have you noticed that it still takes you ages to find that e-mail?). Don’t blow a fuse – it’s time to use the resources at your fingertips, with the Mini-et-Moi website.

Not just a place to go to subscribe to, it also offers you a chance to search our previous editions. You can search by category, by date or think of your own keyword. Check it out! It’ll blow your mind.

Coming soon! We’ll be mapping all our reviews to make life even easier for you.

What Mini says:
That’s nothing! When I blow my trumpet I make a real racket!

Own a great Kids’ CD?
Do you own a kids’ CD that you actually enjoy (secretly or otherwise)? Tell us about it! Send us a list of your favourite kids’ CDs We’ll publish the hit list.

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For Show, and Shows

– Little Marc Jacobs

metm2.jpgLast week you were at the London Fashion Week shows. This week its time to show what you know. After all, you’re all about show. You’ve worked it all out, what to wear and when. And then it hits you … what about your little fashionista? How will you look good if your little fashion accessory isn’t à la mode? (And we don’t mean covered in ice cream).

metm181_feb.jpgGet her off to a good start in Little Marc Jacobs. Like her stylish mummy, she’ll love wearing his gorgeous Spring/Summer range. Choose the chic blue ruffles mini-dress for a look with just the right hemline. It’s pure MJ! And for something a little more edgy, put her in his signature mouse Tee.

metm182_feb.jpgNow for the showstopper. You can do all of this with the click of a (Little Marc Jacobs) mouse.

Now, now … there’s no need to show-off.


What Mini says:
Fancy showing off without me … and I can do so many tricks! *Sniff*

The Raffles mini-dress (SSP £70.50) and Signature T-shirt which is available in pink and white (SSP £41) are available from the online luxury boutique, Little Fashion Gallery.

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What’s Small and Noisy?

– Small toys for small hands

What’s Small and Noisy? We don’t mean the little wailer in your arms or that small, flash of lightning that was once nestled in your arms but is now climbing onto the arm of the sofa and about to …. Woo-ah!

metm15_feb.jpgDistract your small and noisy one with some classic small and noisy toys. If he’s really small, consider a Lilliputiens Rattle. Perfect from one month, this well designed rattle is ideal for little hands to squeeze. A squeaky toy that does not require a grown up to operate! What an idea!

metm151_feb.jpgAnd if your little one is greased lightning and you struggle to grab his metm131.gifattention, try the Tatiri Harmonica. One note should stop him in his tracks! He’ll enjoy making noises and ultimately, harmonising … Well, we can dream. He may just enjoy making a noise – now there’s a surprise.

You’ll find the Lilliputiens Rattle and Tatiri Harmonica (both SSP £8 ) at good toys shops across London.

What Mini says:
I’m all about “Children should be seen AND heard.” is the ultimate review site for London mums, babies and toddlers. Click here to read more about our reviews of classes, activities and great things for Mum and baby or toddler.

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