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Boom Boom Bébé

multilingual CDs for babies and toddlers

By the time I go to nurserymetm131.gif I’ll be très cosmopolitan. Not for me, the perils of learning a new language. When French classes start, I’ll be rearing to go. “Ici,” I’ll sigh as the teacher calls my name. Luckily, my mummy bought me the Baby Boom Boom CD so I’m well on my way to reaching my ambition.

The CDs contain well-known nursery rhymes sang in English and a second language and the theory is that listening to it will help familiarise me with sounds and basic vocabulary. Not so much of an Amelia anymore, I’ll be known as Amelie. I’ll wear only the very best French brands and enjoy nibbling on small macaroons (from Ladurée, bien sûr) and sipping chocolat chaud.

The Baby Boom Boom CDs are available in either English and French or English and Spanish (RSP £9.99) and are available to purchase online.

What Moi says:
Très chic to parlez Français on the Champs-Élysées.


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