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From Ab Flab to Fab Abs

– Tips for Fab Abs!


MetM5After a(nother) sleepless night with Junior, you’re more fit to drop than fighting fit and your exercise routine is, at best, fits and starts.  Read on for Mini-et-Moi’s 5-minute fix it for Fab Abs,  as delivered by Poppy Dickinson.


Mum’s Muscular Memory

  • Set a manageable time to exercise, even ten minutes can help.  Keeping up the practice is good, and a little is better than nothing at all. Enjoy your exercise and relax with it!  If you don’t like your exercise routine, change it.  Feeling happy, relaxed and balanced will allow your body to tone up well.
  • You may not be fully convinced but muscles have memories.  If you work them well, they continue to work outside of your exercise regime.  Try incorporating this concept in your daily routine, e.g. use your abs when pushing, lifting and crawling around after Junior. And always think about your posture.


Core Strengths


You don’t need a full hour at the gym to work on your posture. (You don’t remember the gym? It’s the one with the excellent crèche. Where you signed a new contract months ago …?)  


  • Neutral Position – Make sure your body is in good alignment: Shoulders relaxed, spine and pelvis in natural position. 
  • Your core consists of shoulders, rib cage, abdominals and pelvis.  All must be well placed to tone correctly and efficiently. Think of your core as a central control.  Always ensure it is engaged when you are moving.  All leg and arm exercises stem from your abs/core, which is your centre of strength.
  • Breathe well.  Abdominals attach to the ribs, so the rib cage movement should be lateral to keep the abdominal wall as flat as possible.  Breathe in through nose and out through mouth.


Small Challenges

  • Use both sides of your body equally.  e.g. hold that change bag on different shoulders, use your weaker arm/leg for certain movements that you would usually use your stronger side for.  This will give you good balance.


Show us your pelvis, Elvis

  • Pelvic floor work is a must both before and after baby arrives.  Simply lifting and releasing the pelvic floor is a good exercise for the lower abdominals too.  (Don’t know how to do it?  It’s like holding from going to the toilet.  Squeeze and release!)


Take your Baby, Gaby

  • Include the baby in your exercise by moving your body in different ways and directions.  Flexion (forward bending), extension (small upper back bending), lateral flexion (side bending) and rotation.  A variation of movements is good!

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Life Saver

– First Aid Course (NW8)

With parenthood comes a host of new responsibilities, and opportunities for skills-development. metm5.jpgSuddenly you find yourself able to whip up a culinary delight Ramsay-style (no expletives please), paint like Picasso and do animal impersonations as well as any Method actor. At times, you may also need to be a first-aider.

Luckily, Viveka is running its excellent first aid and resuscitation course so that you’ll be ready to handle first-aid in the home (and able to stave off the panic when the real life-savers are en route). The course has a special focus on caring for babies and young children and is perfect for parents and carers. Run over two evenings, each session lasts 2 hours and is led by fully qualified professionals who have been teaching for over 15 years – so you know you’re in good hands.

Now if you could just make yourself round, sugary and bright red you’d be a real life-saver.

metm61_feb.jpgThe next course will be on 4 and 25 April 2008. Space is limited so reserve your place by phoning Viveka on  020 7483 0099 . Viveka is at 27a Queen’s Terrace, St John’s Wood, London NW8 6EA.

What Mini says:
Mummy, take a deep breath in and exhale slowly….

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