A Note on Pennies, Pounds and Mini-et-Moi

You wouldn’t trust your friends if they were paid to give you advice. We want to be your trusted friend (really, we do) so we won’t earn a penny (or a pound) from our reviews. No one can pay to be featured on Mini-et-Moi. Mini-et-Moi items are selected by our editors. And our product and place reviews are all a result of our own testing and use. (No need for alarm: no animals or small children are harmed in the testing process.)

Of course, we’ll receive pennies and pounds for advertising, like banner ads and paid placements on the website and very occasionally, well send out “Sponsored” e-mails on behalf of advertisers. But we’ll ensure that advertising is always labeled as such.

We would never sell our subscriber list to anyone. Again, not for a penny nor a pound. You’ll find more details in our Privacy Policy.

Please contact us if you have any questions – info@mini-et-moi.com.

We hope you enjoy Mini-et-Moi.

1 September 2007