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The Seat of Your Pants

– The ultimate fabric highchair

Let’s face it, other people’s highchairs are not always that much fun. You wonder who ate in them last metm121.gif(and why they can’t seem to control their utensils. *Sigh*). Or, you arrive at a place and there is no chair in sight. What’s a baby to do?

Stylish tots like me travel with TotSeat. Like an instant highchair – in fun TotSeatand funky designs – Totseat can be used on almost any grown-up chair. Unlike most other fabric baby chairs, TotSeat has some unique design innovations: it fastens at the back with a large plastic clip making it easy to disembark in a hurry, and the detachable cummerbund provides back support, so I won’t disappear backwards into the chair during my meal.

Best of all, it can be shortened or extended to fit all manner of chairs so you can get your sticky fingers on every grown up chair. It’s so exciting – you’ll be on a real high, I promise.

What Moi says:
TotSeat is also fully washable meaning that you can wash away the squashed banana in an instant. If only you could do the same for that stuff on the seat of your pants.

TotSeat (SSP £22) comes in a variety of colours and designs and is available from Blue Daisy, 13 South End Road, London, NW3 3PT, Tel.  020 7681 4144  or see the TotSeat website for local stockists.

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