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– bright and sturdy wooden sorting basket

Mother’s Checklist:
metm21.JPGProvide hours of play. Tick.
Present educational opportunities. Tick.
Identify colours. Tick.
Enhance appreciation of shapes. Tick.
Teach sorting actions. Tick.

And all before elevenses.

With the brightly coloured, wooden sorting basket from John Crane, your genius-in-the-making will have hours of fun sorting and posting small objects (admittedly, this is only a temporary diversion from the fun that is your handbag). And there’s the added multitasking benefit of knowing he’s learning a thing or two. Plus, the sturdy design means that, unlike other sorters, the junior genius is not frustrated when the goal posts, quite literally, move before his eyes.

A morning’s fun. Sorted. Gold Star.

The Sorting Basket by Pintoy is distributed by John Crane Limited (RSP £12). Call  01604 77 49 49  for local stockists.

What Mini says:
Rhombus, Isosceles Triangle and Trapezoid … I do love sorting shapes.

Win a Sorting Basket for your Genius-in-the-Making!
Mini-et-Moi has 2 Sorting Baskets to give away. All you need to do is send an e-mail to mail@mini-et-moi.com (or hit reply to this mail) and include your answer to this simple question: Who distributes the sorting basket?

(Competition closes at noon on 24 December 2007. One entry per subscriber. See our Competition Rules.)


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A Game of Cat and Mouse

– Bright and beautiful wooden stacking toy

Junior’s toying with you. Getting some sardonic satisfaction from watching you sweat as you dart around the nursery trying to find a toy that will stave off his afternoon moodiness. This may be fun for him but for you? Suddenly your life seems to depend on finding that one toy that will capture his imagination and let the time slip by until the refuge of supper, bath and bed.

metm_22oct.jpgGot it! The beautifully-made wooden Pet Stacker from John Crane Toys. Gotcha, Junior! With its brightly coloured blocks and cute animal faces, it’s bound to keep Junior mesmerised. He’ll love to grab and sort the patterned blocks. And stacking them to create a cat, mouse and dog will help promote hand-eye coordination. That will keep him ahead of the pack (and restore the natural order in your home). Now that’s a well-played game of Cat and Mouse (and Dog).

metm6.jpgWhat Mini says:
The toys are designed for ages 2 + but I’ve loved playing with mine from the age of 1 – proof that in this dog eat dog world, I’m ready for the rat race (Note to self – must not mix metaphors).

The Pet Stacker by John Crane Limited is available at Cheeky Monkeys 202 Kensington Park Road, W11 1NR Tel: 020 77929022. It retails for £15.

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