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Game, Set & Match

Classic wooden toy for small tots

It’s funny how with a cupboard full of toys, only a few truly capture a child’s imagination. And there’s no telling ahead of time which it will be. But, if it’s a Galt Classic, the odds are probably in your favour.

metm13.gifThis toy certainly caught junior’s attention and has done for months. Four brightly coloured little wooden men slotted into a small wooden block pop up and down on concealed springs. It’s perfectly sized for little hands to hold and manipulate (and makes good chewing for sore gums). At first our little ace would hold a man in each hand. Then, with pride swelling in our chests, we watched while he managed to hold two little chaps in one hand. With time, he was able to put the men in the block and now he loves to pop them up. I’m sure eventually he’ll know how to colour-code them too. But until then I am managing my OCD in other ways.

What Mini says:
Of course I know how to colour-code. But mix-up is the new match-up.

metm_28nov.jpgSuitable from 12 months up, our little poppet has enjoyed these since he was 6 months. The Galt Pop-Up Toy (SSP £7.99) is available at Fagins Toys, 84 Fortis Green Road, Muswell Hill, N10 3HN Tel: 020 8444 0282 and Snapdragon, 56 Turnham Green Terrace, Chiswick, W4 1QP Tel: 020 8995 6618

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