London-Mums_Baby-Bib– Ideas for a Summer’s day in London  

Summertime. And the livin’, they say, is easy. Well, maybe not that easy in a post-Crunch, pre-green shoot London.

In an economy like this, the fish aren’t the only things that are jumpin’. My mummy’s nerves are all over the place …

It’s all good and well if your daddy’s rich (now that would be telling …), but unless he’s a Goldman’s man, you may want to check out some of the free events listed in our August Calendar. Like meeting the Little Princess this Tuesday, or heading to the V&A Museum of Childhood on a Friday afternoon for a fabulous line-up of activities: from Circus, Circus to Smoke & Mirrors, it seems they’ve got the City worked out. (Click here to see our August listing.)

And the cotton (well, maize actually) is high at Willows Farm. (But if that’s too far for you, try one of the city farms closer to your square mile.)

Sounds perfect for you and your good lookin’ mamma.

What Moi says:

And if it continues to be rainy, we can always spend the morning at a soft play area. So hush little baby, don’t you cry.

Click here to see our listing of family-friendly events and fun this August.


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