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metm17– Top Tale for Entertaining a Travelling Tot

There may well be some truth that she who travels alone, travels furthest. But as you’re unlikely to be flying solo this Summer (or travelling light, for that matter), your focus will be getting there in one piece.

MetM_Busy AirportSo, whatever your plans – Freightliners City Farm, fashionably further afield or off the beaten track – prepare yourself with Busy Airports.

With its focus on action and activities, this tale of what happens at an airport will appeal to your intrepid little voyager. (And may even stop him from running up and down the aisles at a mile a minute – well for 60 seconds at least.)

This delightful little travelogue is made of sturdy board so that – unlike you – it’s resistant to travel wear and tear. And with its cut-outs and pop-ups, it also doubles as a toy.

After all, travel, they say, broadens the mind.


MetM_Busy RailwayWhat Mini says:

I’m ready for take-off!


Busy Airports (SSP) is available online. There is also an option for Busy Railways, if that’s your preferred mode of transport.


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