The Big Bang

metm18– Movement classes for babies and toddlers

Since the moment of creation, you’ve been focused on providing a nurturing and creative environment for the apple of your eye. A place where she can express herself freely and imaginatively.

You’re even willing to categorise those screaming sessions as ‘finding her voice.’ (And the temper tantrums? Put it down to artistic temperament.) Her moods, it would seem, are creative*.

But how about her moves? Make those creative too with these energetic, imaginative movement classes. 

From the age of 6 months, join a Creative Movements class where expert teachers will use your little darling’s natural movement as a foundation and introduce dance techniques, rhythm, stories and drama to inspire her imagination.

Choose a class to suit you – from baby moves, mums and toddlers, or storytelling classes and movement for older toddlers. Go on – see your little creation’s confidence cause a stir!


*or just creatively categorised by you! 

What Mini says:

Now that will be a big bang!


See the Creative Movements website for details of your nearest class and call to book your free trial. For older tots, there are also Summer workshops.


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