Treasure Trove

MetM_19Jun– Saved by a Baby Book!


Mums on the run (is there any other kind?): take a leaf out of this book.


Pack a selection of Tiny Treasures in your handbag (naturally, of the most treasured Marc Jacobs variety) and head out the door confident in the knowledge that you can entertain your little treasure at a moment’s notice. On the bus. In the doctor’s waiting room. While waiting impatiently for your coffee (or junior’s babyccino).


MetM_19Jun1Mini Treasures are a diminutive library of modern-day classic tales that are no bigger than a postcard. They’re super-portable and utterly desirable to small hands wanting to hold onto a bit of loot.


Miniature Mister Magnolia is marvellous at amusing Mini. And he’ll  be shouting Again! at the book of the same name. (Admittedly you may be groaning at the thought of reading it Again!). And classical scholars will revel in the nostalgia of Rosie’s Walk.


MetM_19Jun2And at a mere £1.50 each, these tiny treasures certainly won’t break the … treasury!


What Mini says:

Pleasure, little Treasure!

Click here to see the full selection of Mini-Treasures.


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