Old MacDonald

London’s City Farms


In a city like London, when a square inch of green space comes at a hefty premium, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a couple of cows and some sheep in your backyard for hands-on learning for your little animal(-lover).


metm9So how do you teach him about the birds and the bees? Especially when the endless repetition of Old MacDonald is starting to sound a bit hollow …


Try a visit to your local City Farm. Situated at various locations around London, the city farm is the ideal place to show off your farmyard expertise. (A quick refresher: goats have rectangular pupils; the mule’s mummy is a horse, and its daddy is a donkey; never look a gift horse in the mouth).


Use Mini-et-Moi’s comprehensive listing of London’s city farms to find your family fun day-out.


Don’t forget that this is not the place for designer togs – or for a “see and be seen” type experience (unless gazing at grazing goats is up there for you). Best to wear your wellies, and take along a tube of water-less hand wash. It is, after all, a farm (and not one of the manor house variety).


Remember: you’re in this for the education. You just can’t farm out your parental responsibilities


What Mini says:

Ee i ee i oh!


Click here to see the listing.


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