Dynamic Duos

– Supercool clothing for your Superbaby


MetM_WryBabySuperman and Lois. Batman and Robin. Every superhero needs a good side-kick.


So, in your role as SuperMummy , you’ll need to ensure your little SuperBaby is not only stylish, but also suitably attired.


Cast aside all images of (nappy) changes in red phone booths, and make sure your tot is dressed for any eventuality with a gorgeous SuperHero or SuperCute babygro from American cult outfitters, WryBaby.  


With superhero status emblazoned across the chest and a silky cape sewn into the shoulder seams, there’ll be no mistaking who’s the hero of this double act.


Let him (or her) grow up thinking anything is possible. (Perhaps leave out the bits about scaling buildings – learning to walk is enough of a challenge at this stage.)


MetM_Wry-BabyWhat Mini says:

Luckily the jumpsuit is back this season, Cat Woman.


The SuperHero and SuperCute babygros (£17.50) by WryBaby are available in sizes 0-6 months or 6 -12 months and are available in the UK at online boutique LouLouBee.


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