Green as Grass

metm21– Green living for small sprouts


Now that Spring has sprung, your focus is (understandably) on which green patch you’ll be spending Spring and – a hopefully hot – Summer. While you may guiltily enjoy the spoils of global warming, the truth is that the grass is not the only thing that should be green.


Here’s our guide to giving your tot great green values, from the get-go. Afterall, early childhood is the best time to establish good habits for lifetime, and green ones are no different.


Love of Nature

First and foremost, instill a love of nature in your little miracle (of said) nature. Simply being outdoors can sow the seed and even very young babies appreciate the feeling of a fresh breeze. Consider a family outing to do some cherry-or-berry-picking.


Green Fingers

Use your tot’s natural fascination with how things grow and get him gardening, even if that means tending to a tiny pot (on a windowsill).


‘To market, to market’

This season, give the local farmer’s market the green light. While there, chat to the vendors about their wares so that your little one can start to understand where food comes from. (It goes without saying that you should bring reusable bags for the experience).


Green Sleeves

Fill your bookshelves with books with a green message, like Dr Seuss’ The Lorax, about the perils of pollution. Or the next  story in the well-loved series by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle, Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? It’s a fabulously illustrated rhyme about ten endangered species.


What Mini says:

With an eco-friendly and principled mummy on my team, I foresee the rise of a green-eyed monster.


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