The Masters

– Picasso at the National Gallery (WC2)


metm141I’m master of my own universe (and my Mummy’s too), but sometimes I enjoy giving her a small reminder of what life was like before me (just so she appreciates me even more).


I’ve seen the posters just about everywhere – stuck all over London, they’re hard to miss really. And I’d noticed the Picasso exhibition at the National Gallery was on her ever-increasing “To Do” list (between planning my Summer activities and re-organising my toybox). So, taking Mummy off to see it as a special treat was a brilliant part of my master plan.


By using Mini-et-Moi’s Five E’s of Museum Outings with Under 5s, and our Vital Stats on the National Gallery, we were able to take the eek! out the experience; and it turns out that the Sainsbury Wing (where the exhibition is housed) has ample room for me, my buggy and my Mummy’s general paraphernalia.


We marvelled at the 60 works of the great master, all the while chattering about the paintings (though I must say I suspect I could have done a better job on some of them).


I even had a short nap, and let Mummy wander around before being brought back to earth by Her Master’s Voice.


What Moi says:

Pure genius – a master stroke!


The exhibition is open daily from 10:00 – 18:00 and runs until 7 June 2009. There is also late opening on Fridays and Saturdays. Tickets cost £12 and are timed-entry.  Once finished, head to the coffee shop for a Mini-friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Click here for our Vital Stats.


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