A Bug’s Life

 Brilliant (sound)bites for musical babes


Today was gorgeous, and you made the most of it. Walking on Sunshine, you and your little ray.


So it’s really going to bug you tomorrow when the chance of rain is high, and you won’t be taking that bugaboo of yours out to catch the rays (sadly, it’ll be a cold more like).


Instead, stay as snug as the proverbial while entertaining your little one in front of the warm glow of your computer screen. Well, for a few minutes at least, while you catch a well-needed breather. Afterall, while you don’t get much exercise indoors, that’s never put Junior off.


Let the little bug boogie to our fav videos by The Beatles. Teach your tot the basics – and enhance his musical repertoire – with the classic animated All You Need is Love.


If you enjoy The Beatles – it certainly is a break from Incy Wincy – then see a group of them (bugs that is), perform She Loves You, artfully performed by the Muppets. He may not get the pun, but he’ll enjoy the music. And the whimsy.


Then, when it starts to rain have a little underwater fun of your own in an Octopus’s Garden. With three different versions to choose from, you can even decide which one you like most (or which one bugs you least).


What Mini says:

Go on, don’t be a muppet!


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