The Big Screen

– In the Night Garden on the Silver Screen


MetM9I’m a big shot. And my heroes are too. That’s why it’s always frustrated me that they’re confined to the small screen (Shhh! Don’t tell Daddy. He loves his new flat screen and is all Mr Big about it).


So it’s big news that my favourite characters have been supersized, and I’ve hit the big time!


‘What’s the big idea?’ I hear you ask. *Sigh* Imagine it – Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka and Upsy Daisy, all larger than life, and on the big screen.


metm_in-the-night-garden-dvdAnd with a plot that’s as familiar and reassuring as a bed-time story, there’s no pressure on your Mummy to screen you from potentially scary scenes.  You’ll both enjoy watching an episode from the fun-filled adventures of the latest In the Night Garden DVD, Look at That!


And with running commentary from your peers and fellow movie-goers, and occasional dancing in the aisles (it’s all welcomed), you too can play a big part in this big screen moment.


What Moi says:

Get a bit of perspective – it’s time you saw the big picture.


Until 2 April, you too can see the big picture at Picturehouse cinemas across London. And with tickets from £3 per child with adults going free, this is hardly a big ticket item. Plus! All children receive a free gift on entry. The screenings will be shown on selected dates at 11:00am and 11:55am – see the website for more details. 


Plus! Your Child’s First Cinema Experience. One lucky subscriber will win tickets to take a friend and 2 tots to see In the Night Garden at the Gate Cinema in Notting Hill.  To enter, simply hit reply to this e-mail and include the word IGGLE in the subject.  Click here for further details.


All the stars were out on the red carpet at the In the Night Garden Premier, and Mini-et-Moi was there too. Click here to see all the pictures.


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