Inspiration, not Aspiration

– Unique and Ethical Gifts for Mother’s Day


MetM5You’re excited to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday – while you’re looking forward to receiving that handmade card and breakfast in bed (see our recipes here), you’re also secretly hoping for a gorgeous gift. Something in another league – truly aspirational. (Go on, admit it.) In all the excitement of being a mum, don’t forget your own mum. What are YOU going to give her? Smelly soap? A toiletry bag? Will it be (another) mad dash for a bunch of flowers and some choccies. *Yawn.*


Forget the predictable (and the aspirational). It’s time to get unusually inspirational.


Inspire your mum by giving her a gift that can make a real difference to the lives of mothers and children in the developing world (or closer to home). Choose a life-saving, life-changing gift from GoodGift, like teaching a Somali mother to read (as easy as A-B-C at £35) or giving an AIDS orphan in South Africa a cuddly companion, hand-made by a local women’s sewing co-op (a stitch at £12). There are plenty of other gifts to choose from.  All are available on the GoodGifts website where you can send an e-card (they won’t tell your mum that you’ve left it all so late …)


What Mini says:

I don’t yet know how to spell philanthropist, but that’s my ASPIRATION! 


Learn more at



Wishing all our readers a Happy Mother’s Day!


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