Stop Press!

– Stylish Mother’s Day Gift


metm18While my brilliance may be legendary (in family circles), the truth is that I can’t yet read, nor put pen to paper. But that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the wonder of the written word.


And, when that word is written on a beautiful card or paper … I’ll devour it. And there’s more than a grain of truth in that.


After all, there are times when a hurriedly abbreviated text message may not say it all. Or sending your thoughts to an already full inbox just goes against the grain. Well, so I’ve heard.


metm_16marchThis Mother’s Day, I’m all about the power of words. Not for me the thrill of a ‘mama’ or a ‘dada’. It’s my mummy’s fine hand I want to feature – set against this gorgeous writing set. (Not writing myself out of the script entirely, my gift is slightly reminiscent of the nursery, but très chic and oh-so-grown up. Just like my mummy.)


It’s from the enchanting online stationery boutique, Papergrain –who are single-handedly making snail mail stylish again with a fabulous selection of cards, writing sets, baby albums and luxury journals not readily available on the high street.


Making it easy for you to choose a gift that says it all, if not in so many words.


What Moi says:

Chic and stylish, this writing set is just the thing this London mum needs to make her mark.


The glamorous writing set by Julie Bell (SSP £23.50) consists of single note cards, writing paper and envelopes elegantly boxed and is available from the online stationery boutique, Papergrain. And Papergrain are offering all readers free postage on their orders. To claim your postage, enter the voucher code ‘MINI2’ at checkout.


Plus! We have one free writing set to give away to a subscriber. To win, send an e-mail to mail [at] with the word ‘Queen’ in the subject. (You will automatically be subscribed to The competition closes at 10am on Wednesday morning and the winner will be announced in Wednesday’s e-mail.





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