Zoo(m), Zoo(m), Zoo(m)


– Super sunglasses for small ones


Zoo(m), Zoo(m), Zoo(m).  We’re going to …



St Tropez? St. Thomas? St. Ives? … St James’s Park? 


My Choo ShoesWherever you are this Summer, make sure your little sunshine’s eyes are properly protected from harsh and damaging UV rays. Designed by an ophthalmologist, the Zoobug range of eyewear – that’s Zoo, not Zoom – offers superb optical lens quality: all Zoobug lenses are UV400, blue light filtering and impact resistant.


Don’t forget to zoom in to great original designs and gorgeous colours! The glasses have been designed so small tots will want to wear them, and they fit snugly so they won’t slip off (and bug the wearer, or the mummy who has to pick them up).


Glasses on? Sounds like we’re ready for take off …


What Mini says:

Five, four, three, two, one … I want all of the designs!


You can learn more about Zoobug and find your nearest stockist online.


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