Walk a tightrope

metm141.jpg– Useful website for walkers

As a mummy you can find yourself walking a lot. On air one minute, and on eggshells the next. All this walking is great for getting yourself back in shape but have you ever wondered how many calories you’ve burned by walking somewhere?

Enter walkit.com. This simple website calculates the distance between 2 points and will estimate different walking times (depending on what you’re up for) and how many calories you’ve burned. Plus, it has the functionality to plot direct or less busy routes. And can take you via a third point, if you find you really, really need to stop off for a coffee or pop into your favourite boutique en route. Of course, they haven’t allowed for the extra calories burned by pushing a tot – and all that paraphernalia – around. But that’s where we’ll allow for a little artistic license.

And for moments when you want to feel self-righteous, the site will even calculate what CO2 emissions you’ve avoided by walking. (This should make ditching the Chelsea tractor a much more attractive proposition.)

Come on! It’s time to walk the walk!

What Mini says:
This whole walking thing is over-rated. I’m a shuffler myself.

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