Green Living

– It’s time to care about the Earth, Mother.

metm5.jpgOur Mini-Manuals are filled with tips for life avec bébé. Here we focus on small things that busy, over-achieving, multi-tasking, multi-talented mums can do to make a difference to the Planet. And we’ll be helping you with that little resolution – the one to become a Green Goddess (between midnight feeds). After all, now you really have an incentive to ensure the earth’s future …

Tip 1 – Face Facts
Time to ‘fess up. Get a proper sense of how you contribute to the Earth’s crisis by calculating your family’s carbon footprint with the Act on CO2 carbon calculator. It’s quick and easy. Perfect for mums.

Tip 2 – Child (and Phantom)-proof!
When child-proofing your home, think about countering phantom loads (the power consumed by any device while plugged in but not on). Use power strips which make it easy to “unplug” many appliances at once – and make it so much easier to protect your little ghost from frights in the night. That’s mummy multi-tasking at its best.

Tip 3 – The Cheque’s in the Post. (So is my shopping.)
Make 2008 the year of the mouse. You’ll prevent paper waste (tonnes of it!) and save money and time. And, online shopping also saves energy (e-commerce warehouses use much less energy than retail shops). Plus, it’s an easy way to reduce that vertigo-inducing to-do list. (And, no sophisticated filing systems for junior to wreak havoc with.)

Tip 4 – Green is the New …
Next time you need to buy a toy – whether for your little gift-guzzler or the one next door, think green. Most toy shops offer toxin-free eco-toys, making for much healthier toy-eating by the little guzzler.

Tip 5 – Taste for Travel
If you can’t go the distance on foot then use public transport. And if you simply must drive to that music class, why not share the journey with another mum and tot?

When planning your much-deserved family holidays, find options that are closer to home. It makes for more pleasant travel with junior, and will go some way to reducing your travel footprint.

Other things you may want to consider:

  • Switch to low energy light bulbs. This simple solution allows you to save power and money.
  • Don’t throw out toiletry and product containers before they’re really empty – squeeze, cut, shake or water down to help lessen waste.
  • Opt for bio or cloth nappies instead of disposables. Put an end to the nappy landfills.
  • Choose organic baby food or make your own with locally-sourced produce.


What Mini says:
Forget ‘red lorry, yellow lorry’, green is definitely the way to go!

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