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Sense of security

– Educational website with extensive range of toys

metm141.jpgThe toy shop on the high street. A sensory overload. And that’s how you feel. What will you buy? For what age? What’s best to stimulate and encourage development?

Choose an online option that makes sense of it all. Sense Toys makes learning fun. Each toy is accurately described so you actually know what you’re buying. We love the bullet points highlighting what the toy will do for your child developmentally. Suddenly play sessions take on a whole new sensitivity.



We chose the Five Currant Bun Hand Mitt (£5.95). And we saw the bullet points in action – the bright colours and simple shapes really did hold our tiny tot’s attention while we sang along (relying on the accompanying wordsheet), helping him to visualise and attach meaning to the words.

Come to your senses! Stay in and stimulate the small sensation in your arms. Visit Sense Toys for inspiration.

What Mini says:


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Quite Contrary

– Frivolous fun for mum

At times whimsical and at others quite irreverent, Amy Allen’s adaptation of classic nursery rhymes is always amusing. In this beautifully illustrated book, the rhymes of our childhood (and metm21.JPGthose of generations before us) are updated with a tongue-in cheek take on modern life. Utterly frivolous and fashion-obsessed, One Little Piggy heads for Prada, the other goes to Cannes, one eats at Nobu, and the other at Hakkasan.

Allen has re-written 22 well-loved rhymes and you’ll enjoy singing them to the familiar tunes. The book makes for light and enjoyable reading. Inspired by her new Row, Row (Front Row in the Show… Mummy looks a dream) and a Pussycat, Pussycat who has been to London to visit McQueen (well who else?), you too will find yourself relearning the rhymes and possibly writing your own.

What Mini says*:
Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How did you find the Shows?
With short hems, and Chanel gems,
And Tiffany stones all in a row.

(*With apologies to Amy Allen.)

This Little Piggy Went to Prada. Nursery Rhymes for the Blahnik Brigade by Amy Allen (ISBN 0-9544964-3-4) (£12.95) is available at Fenwicks on Bond Street or online. And every copy sees a donation made to Save the Children.

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