Mini-Manual – Tips for Taking Great Baby Shots (Part 2)

See yourself as the next Annie Liebowitz? Use our Tips on Taking Great Baby Pics to get into the game. (Of course we know that in time to come your subject will be as famous as Annie’s). In Part 2 of our Mini-Manual, you’ll learn how to set the scene and take some great action shots. (Click here for Part 1).

metm9.gifTip 4 – More is well, more
Even professional photographers snap loads just to get a few great shots. The more pictures you take the better your chances of taking that perfect shot. You never know when a great opportunity will arise. Take the camera wherever you go – turn your change bag into a camera bag. (Of course you can squeeze one more thing into it.) And get creative! Use different settings and different perspectives. (You can always delete the ones you don’t want.) If you’re feeling really adventurous, try the multi exposure setting which lets you take many shots in a short period of time.

Tip 5 – Setting the Scene
Keep the setting or background simple. Avoid too much distracting stuff. You don’t want to detract from the focus of your photos – your little angel. If you have to contend with objects in the natural environment, zoom in close. Getting part of your treasure’s head is better than losing her in the midst of a blasted heath. Or leave the background out of focus by staying close to your little work of art and moving her slightly forward, away from the background.

Sometimes other people and items can help to frame baby or focus his attention – perhaps a favourite toy or household item (you know how much he loves your Anja Hindmarch purse). If you can handle it, make bath time picture time.

Tip 6 – Action Shots
Getting your baby to sit still for pictures can be challenging but with the right techniques, you can capture great photos — even on the move. Prevent shutter lag (the time lag from the moment you press the shutter to when the camera actually takes the picture) by pressing the shutter down lightly to lock the focus on your subject. Continue to hold the button down until you’re ready to shoot. This lets you take the picture much faster because you’re already in focus. Many cameras also have an action mode which speeds up your shutter speed and helps avoid blur.

Happy snapping!

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